Why Kate Hudson Kept Her Pregnancy Secret

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Many women can’t wait to let the world know that they have a bundle of joy on the way. Kate Hudson isn’t one of them.

The 31-year-old Bride Wars actress, who’s currently expecting a child with her beau, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, tells London newspaper the Times (via Us Magazine) that she put off telling her friends about the pregnancy—which led to no small amount of confusion on their part.

Hudson recalls,

“I’m pregnant, and I’m really sick. But I couldn’t say that because you really want to keep it as quiet as you can for the first trimester…My friends all thought I was depressed because I wouldn’t leave the house. But I didn’t want anyone to know for a long time. I was just hoping that all of a sudden I could show up somewhere with a big belly. But, of course, you’re somewhere in L.A., and somebody says something, and it ends up somewhere. And here we are.”

Sounds like the kind of wacky misunderstanding that might occur in one of Hudson’s romantic comedies—complete with happy ending.

Were you, like Kate’s friends, surprised to learn of her pregnancy? Let us know in the comments section.

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