New Nicki Minaj: ‘Moment 4 Life’ (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj’s song with Drake, “Moment 4 Life,” from her album Pink Friday has finally gotten the video treatment, and it’s a decidedly royal affair.

The video gives Nicki ample room to show off her acting skills, which in this case means her refined British accent and ability to channel two roles: king and fairy godmother. Drake isn’t given much to do besides look slick, but he does it so well.

In the opening seconds, a fairytale book reads, “Once upon a time there lived a king named Nicki. One day, while sitting on her throne, she received an enchanting visit from her fairy Godmother. She would remember that moment for life.”

Her Minajesty told MTV that acting in this was “her favorite part of the video.”

Watch “Moment 4 Life” after the jump:

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