Celebrity Aquarians

Ophiuchus Stars
Find out whose sign changed to Ophiuchus.
A person born under the January 20 – February 19 sky is known as an Aquarius (plural Aquarians), known as the “Water Carrier.” Continuing this ancient tradition are many of your favorite celebrities, although they’re more likely to be carrying Cristal or Courvoisier (or sizzurp in extreme cases) than plain water.

If you are an Aquarius, be proud to be a part of a stacked team, which has a disproportionately large amount of stars. Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton, to name a few, are all members of your exclusive, seasonal club.

Today’s horoscope: You will click through a compelling gallery of stars who were born Aquarian, then leave a note in the comments section.

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