FBI Wants Bieber to Get a Haircut

Justin Bieber Waves Hello

Nixon vs. Lennon. FBI vs. Bieber? You know you've blown up when the feds are tracking your hair style.

At a recent meeting of the Citizen's Crime Commission of New York, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III spoke to members about the new challenges his bureau faces because of the latest technology: "Today, we communicate by texting, tweeting and Skyping... We share the sundry details of our lives on Facebook," he said. "Well, most of us do. For some reason, no one wants to be 'friended' by the director of the FBI."

When it comes to combing the Internet, Mueller and his team may be a little sick of how often Justin Bieber shows up. Among the sites worth monitoring on the Internet is YouTube, which Mueller said loads a daunting 35 hours of new video per minute. "Most of them... feature someone by the name of Justin Bieber. At my age, I have to wonder: Who the heck is this kid, and why can't he get a haircut?"

Should Justin cut his hair to appease the FBI? Let us know your take on the situation in the comments section.

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  • barber

    He should cut it because it is hideous.

  • Tired of it
    Tired of it

    I don't even know why this is even an article. So what if the FBI thinks this dude needs a haircut. They even called it FBI vs. Beiber. When I read that I thought that Beiber got in real deep trouble for his hair, so I thought this would be interesting like "how in the world can you get the FBI pissed with your hair alone", but no. It's just some side comment. I'm sick of these pointless articles. They should publish stories with more punch. Not just some side comment from some dude made while working. It's like if you heard some Fire Chief say that Beiber needs a haircut, you're going to write an article saying Fire Department vs. Beiber! Blah Blah...c'mon people.

  • Observerwwtdd

    He should get his whole HEAD cut of.....not just his hair...

  • Crystal Ronk
    Crystal Ronk

    I am so bloody sick of hearing about that kid. He's not that talented and he's just annoying. I mean he's releasing a movie about his life and he's all of 15?