Justin Bieber Hits 'Today' to Promote 'Never Say Never' (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber on 'Today'
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If you're a Justin Bieber fan with a case of the Mondays, Today had a bit of a pick-up for you, as the Biebs himself was in-person for a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer to chat about his upcoming movie, Never Say Never.

Bieber and Lauer had a good banter going back and forth for several minutes, as Lauer seemed genuinely intrigued with the 16-year-old sensation after seeing the movie for himself. After Lauer told Bieber how interesting the film was, Justin said that his main goal with having cameras document his every move was to "just show what I've been going through the last two years and how much it really takes out of you ... It's just been so much fun getting to live out my dreams."

Bieber says that living out his dreams does indeed have its downsides, as he no longer has much of a private life. He told Lauer:

I make sure I have at least one day off a week... to either rest or hang out with my friends or do something for me. The rest of the week is all jam packed ... I have to have at least one day. It's hard because I'm away from my friends and my family ... I have a two-year-old sister and a one-year-old brother. It's hard being away from them as well.

Things then went back to lighter topics, as Bieber touted that the thing he likes most about Never Say Never is that it's in 3-D, prompting him to put on a pair of purple shades (that he later gave away to a fan). Once he was glassed-up, Bieber joked that Matt Lauer's dimples were "amazing!"

Bieber's Never will be out in theaters on February 11. Will you be camping out for tickets opening weekend? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Jenna

    Oh oh do you see it too? He is slowly slowly getting older in the way he looks. It's just a matter of time and his cute face will be gone :O Hope it won't be a kind of Aaron Carter break down! Please god let him stay handsome.

  • Silky_Johnson

    "The only people who wear sunglasses indoors are blind people and assholes." - Larry David

  • just me
    just me

    is it just me or does that justin kid look like a young jane fonda with the sunglasses!! LOL