Matt Damon and Daughter Isabella Take a Beach Stroll (PHOTOS)

Sometimes you just need a good dose of adorable on a Monday, and Matt Damon is giving the world just that.

The actor and one of his three daughters, four-year-old Isabella, wound down their weekend with a nice father-daughter walk on the beach. With the waves crashing behind them, a black-hat-and-white-tee-clad Damon played the proud papa role well. He walked hand-in-hand with Isabella as they got their feet wet in the Pacific, and also carried her around at one point.

So. Cute. Click the gallery above to see the pics, and sound off in the comments: Who's the cutest celebrity kid?



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  • Jerri

    Beuuuuuuuuuuutifullllllll!!!!!!!! lucky Sandra, what a MUCh better exchange from that skakkky ex-

  • Carmen

    oh and another thing: I have friends that take their 2 and 3 year olds to the beach and let them run around with no cloths on. Nobody at the beach even blinked an eye. Why? Because all of the adults have a healthy attitude about nudity and are not thinking dirty thoughts when a toddler is running around in their birthday suit. There is nothing perverted about a 2 year old in their birthday maybe if they are letting a 9 or 10 year old run around naked, that would be different, but a little baby, why are you even making an issue and calling out Matt like that? Matt is a good guy and how dare you make that type of insinuation.

  • Carmen

    Matt Damon is a great guy. Your insane and repulsive slander is a bunch of BS. His daughter is wearing a three piece outfit - a top, pink pants, and if you care to look at ALL of the pics in the series instead of the first 5 on the first page, you would see that she was wearing the pants, then she is not wearing them and including her pink undies are off..why?? DUhhh, probably because she's a toddler and they are known to piss or crap themselves and he had to remove the soiled garment? Or perhaps the little toddler likes to run around and take off her skivvies, like I did when i was that age, my mom had to chase me down to put my diaper or skivvies back on me. Get your mind out of the gutter and quit projecting your issues on nice people. Get a life. Adorable pic of Matt sharing quality time with his baby girl.

  • k

    that is gia, not isabella. not very good at getting your facts are right about her not staying at home and looking after her other children . a nanny for every one of them.not a stay at home mom. terrified too leave matt out there without her.

  • Lara

    Wow - great photo shop job - since every other website shows GIA - not Isabella - whom Matt and his wife abandoned in NYC along with her older half-sister - wearing NOTHING at all underneath a creepy pedophilia-friendly nightgown on the beach. The fact that you felt it necessary to paint fake pants on a toddler is an appalling indication of just how sleazy and creepy her father is. Too bad there isn't a competent social services system in CA.