Miley Cyrus' Bong Video Causes 'LOL' Crisis

Miley Cyrus' salvia use hampered 'LOL' shoot
Miley's Bong Video
Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia with Bong
Watch Miley get giggly after smoking salvia with friends. Read More »

Editors for Miley Cyrus' upcoming film LOL aren't in a laughing mood right now—and the former Hannah Montana star's dalliance with salvia is to blame for their dour mood.

An insider for the film reveals to Us Magazine that technicians are scrambling to alter the film—which contains a scene in which Cyrus' character, Lola, smokes marijuana with a guy pal—so that viewers aren't reminded of the scandalous video that leaked late last year, featuring Miley smoking the legal hallucinogen salvia from a bong.

According to the source, LOL's pot scene "can't be reshot," forcing editors to employ "tricky editing and effects magic...they are erasing all traces of her inhaling or being in the same shot with the actor."

The drastic chop job has forced editors to excise Cyrus' "entire arm" from the scene, the insider notes.

Extraordinary measures? Maybe. But the source notes that the movie's execs are intent on not conjuring Cyrus' salvia video in any way:

"The studio doesn't want to take any chances having the controversy affect the film."
But while everybody else has been working overtime to snip any reminders of Cyrus' real-life brush with the bong, the source notes that the 18-year-old actress was unfazed by the media hubbub while filming the movie:
"Miley didn't seem to care."
Judging from the public reaction to the bong video, Miley might be the only one to boast such nonchalance over the matter.

Do you think it's right for LOL's producers to alter the movie in light of Miley's legal-drug scandal? Make your opinion known in the comments section.




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  • uhh.

    they asked.

  • Chris

    @Dee, I think you are mixing up two separate movies. The bong video came out during the filming of "So Undercover" in New Orleans, in December. The filming of "LOL", which is the movie being censored, took place from July to September. So, I think, the unnamed source in this article is not talking about Miley Cyrus' attitude toward the bong video, but toward the controversy over her acting the part of a character in "LOL" who smokes marijuana. As an actor, she has to play characters who do things she doesn't necessarily do. She would certainly be worried about what producers think about her actual drug use because that can seriously affect her chances for getting future parts in movies. The main thing producers are worried about is whether or not the actor shows up on the job and takes the job seriously. So far, Miley Cyrus has always acted like a professional, getting to work on time, knowing her lines and taking direction without giving the director or producers any trouble. In other words, she's not acting like a drug addict because she's not one.

  • me

    shut up.

  • javi

    because no one like's to work with drug users some times they are late on movie sets and it can be problematic for producers if you don't believe it ask charlee sheen producers.

  • smileymiley

    ughh!!! poor Miley! why does everyone has to be mean to her!!!

  • Dee

    Well even though a few "unknown sources" reported that Miley "didn't seem to care" people who were actually on set with her/other actors in the movie, tweeted about how Miley was "embarrassed by the situation and didn't want people thinking that she was some sort of druggy... that it was a one time thing and that she learned her lesson." That was what 2 LEGIT PEOPLE actually said about the situation, as well as other things that were going on on set in terms of Miley being really nice to everyone, etc. So I have to say, I believe them over unknown, un-named sources, any day.