Heather Morris' Best Red Carpet Looks (PHOTOS)

Happy Birthday Heather!
Heather Morris' Red Carpet Looks
Heather Morris Shakes It!
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Heather Morris, who plays Glee's resident simple minded cheerleader, turns 24 today (Feb. 1) and it has got the Twitter world in a tizzy.

Not only is the newly-24-year-old a trending topic on the social networking site, but a number of her co-stars tweeted their happy birthday wishes.

Naya Rivera, who plays Brittany's partner in crime Santana, tweeted:

Happy birthday Heather Morris!! On my my to work to tell her in person!
While Ashley Fink, aka New Directions newest member, used a creative hashtag to express her excitement:
#HappyBirthdayHemo I love that Heather Morris. I'm gonna kiss her face!
Celebuzz wants to help celebrate this occasion, so we've compiled a gallery of all her best looks and also added a video of Heather busting a move, for further visual aid. Take a look at both, after the jump:

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