Justin Bieber Caught Up in Milian/Dream Divorce Crossfire

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The Dream and Christina Milian’s divorce battle has hit a major snag because of none other than Justin Bieber and the unexpected success of his song “Baby”, TMZ reports.

Documents filed in Georgia by The Dream (real name Terius Youngdell Nash) details a previous agreement between the two that would have given Milian 10% of his publishing interest in Bieber’s wildly successful hit “Baby,” which he co-wrote along with the young Canadian, Tricky Stewart and Christopher Bridges. Currently, the song’s view count on YouTube is 451,137,154, making it the #1 all time video on the site, over 100 million hits ahead of #2, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Their divorce standstill is happening because now Milian is trying to renegotiate to get more than 10% of The Dream’s lucrative grand slam of a song. What’s more, in retaliation, The Dream is attempting to cut off all payments to Milian, which, naturally, she’s fighting.

All this began around July 12, 2010 when the two R&B singers announced their separation days after photos surface of him vacationing with an assistant.

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Watch JB’s “Baby” video again, or have your mind blown for the first time below: