Report: Mariah Carey Expecting a Boy and a Girl

Celebrity Baby Boom!
The stork made a ton of deliveries in 2010!
Singer Mariah Carey—who’s currently expecting twins with Nick Cannon—will be having a son and a daughter,  according to Life & Style.

A pal of the couple’s notes,

“It’s all about pink and blue these days. It’s truly going to be a dream come true for them. They get a son and daughter.”

Carey, who has been somewhat secretive about her pregnancy throughout, confirmed the boy/girl combo, noting,

“Even before we announced it was twins, I was trying to keep everything genderneutral because I didn’t want to impose an identity on them too soon,. There were fan contests on Twitter about what gender they are and rumors about them being two boys or two girls — but nobody guessed this!”

After months of speculation, Cannon spilled the beans that Mimi is carrying twins in December.

Are you surprised by the news? And any thoughts as to baby names? Share with us in the comments section.

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