Rihanna Gets Naughty In New 'S&M' Video

'S&M' Behind The Scenes
Rihanna's 'S&M' Video Shoot
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Everyone knows that Rihanna is a good girl gone bad, and by the looks of her new "S&M" video she is perfectly happy living a slightly naughty life.

The 22-year-old pop star's newest music video is presented as an anthem for bad girls and features whips, chains and ball gags.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones," sings Rihanna on her new song, "But whips and chains excite me." Clearly she loves using them in her video!

Check out the video after the jump and watch out for a special guest appearance by gossip blogger Perez Hilton as Rihanna's bondage puppy.

What do you think of Rihanna's new video? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • IMMv66lh1QyA

    215823 211542Some truly howling work on behalf of the owner of this website , dead great subject matter. 792950

  • china

    i expected the video to be way worse especially since i'm reading that its been banned in 11 countries ! i don't c why it would be banned because there are videos out there that's worse !

  • Mycah

    I like the beat of the song, I thought the video was a rather clever way to analogize how the press often ties up and beats celebrity stories while ignoring real news- and I loved the outfits and the campiness. Some people here are just way too serious & take their mythos too far, while sacrificing their sense of humour and ability to see a message beyond the superficial.

  • 2eyes

    3.2 .... rihanna..the princess of the illuminati...

  • 2eyes

    watch at 3.21..princess of the Illuminati... rolf

  • 2eyes

    agent...devil worshiper sold her soul to the devil shit..jewish puppet illuminati mason doll

  • Grown n' sexy
    Grown n' sexy

    Adult music is for adults, period. The world is not just a playground for teenagers, or a holy sanctuary for religious people. If a parent cannot find music for their children, thenthe parent has a problem If you are religious, ther eis plenty of music for you, too. And, it is quite clear that Rihanna neither plays a musical instrument, nor writes her own lyrics. Record companies have been using this formula for decades. "I love to love you baby..."

  • i love rhianna
    i love rhianna

    Iam.14 and yea i love the song and the beat ....and yes i know what she talking about which makes it more intresting ......!!!!! it was more of a comedy to me...i laughed through the whole video if you dnt want ur children watching it block it ...duhhhh!!!!!....rhianna ...is embracing herself do you think she made the song for children nooo....!! luv u riri!!!!

  • Lisa

    I think the video was awesome there are alot of celebrities out there that are afraid to actually show how they feel and she goes for it and i love it i think the countries that banned it f***ed up cuz this video and song rocks.....

  • GotOverIt!

    Wow please just be quiet about the devil crap! For one second did you think she was talking about the people talking about her in the press and seriously you don't want kids to watch it don't tell them about it! Gosh be a parent! Don't blame stars for their choice to express themselves! She's a grown woman and her songs aren't even really directed to kids!

  • Heather

    What abut the youth that will watch this video? Are the equipped to resist temptation?? RiRi=devil's slave. WAKE UP b 4 long.

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    DID NO ONE BUT MYSELF NOTICE THAT THE NOTEBOOK HAD "PROCESS OF ILLUMINATI SLUT" ON IT?!?!? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! The constant music that's all about sex now is NOT a coincidence...

  • Amy

    I'd also like to commend you for your language comprehension, grammar and sentence structure... oh wait, ... never mind.

  • Amy

    Thank you Moxie!

  • Moxie

    I'm kinda in the middle with RiRi, sometimes I really like her music and then other times there is some stuff she puts out that I don't care for. I gotta say though, I watched this video smiling ear to ear the entire time, it was so entertaining! 5 stars, love it!

  • Moxie

    @shante your comment makes absolutley no sense. How is it that when Amy was applauding her music, style, and video an insult? Quit trolling.

  • Kris

    This video is so much more than just a cry out of desperation to be noticed. If anything, it's nothing near simply being sexual and a look for notice. Look at the newspaper headlines and the headline dress she's wearing in the video. This represents the celebrity gossip and celebrity tabloids about Rihanna; her cviolent relationship with Chris Brown, being the "princess of the Illuminati". She is telling viewers that she knows about the gossip about her. Her video may be a mockery of the gossip and tabloids. Simply saying, screw it, I'll do what I want. So she represents herself as this sexual craving "slut" (written on the reporters notebook) which is what the rumors state. And all viewers freak out. It's genious.

  • Paola

    i like rihanna, but this video sucks

  • shante

    let me tell u somethin rhianna is a cute girl so let me tel u dat in ur face and who ever u be u are ugly that is all i have to say

  • Anne

    so sick ofher these days . what happend to her old songs ? to her ?

  • America Bitch
    America Bitch

    For all the controversy, this song SUCKKKKSSSSSS

  • SoWhat?

    How about they look up to you? You're their mom, don't depend on anyone else to be a role model for your children, cause you'll be waiting a long time. I'm a parent of two, so I'm not just speaking out for no reason. My kids can't watch videos because I don't want them exposed to stuff that is not age appropriate. You can definitely do the same.

  • iako

    pity... I liked her new red-hair style but this video actually sucks :( :( :( she was so lovely in "only girl" and "what's my name" <3 <3 <3

  • OhHey

    I just don't understand. What did you expect ? The name of the video is S&M... it just makes sense to have a video that corresponds with the song. So it's not that surprising. Plus, People are acting like Rhianna does this all the time, which she doesn't. She makes videos that go with the song. Stop overreacting (:

  • dafish11

    idk get why all the “celebs’ have to do stuff so out there and crazy just to get noticed or talked about or whatever. they dont need to do that just to get it big

  • lala

    i think its her being her gosh ppl let her have fun for once. but at the same time not really something we want kids listening to....but i like it (and im a teen)

  • Amy Permenter
    Amy Permenter

    I don't think she's trying to shock anyone. This is just par for the course she plays on... it's not like she's ever pretended to be innocent like some other "accepted" female role models (Miley Cyrus). Who young girls/women perceive as role models should have more to do with the way their parents raise and influence them than it does with anything they see on TV. I firmly believe that if parents are involved, and communication is open (even if it's about raunchy pop videos) kids (boys and girls) will be able to make their own, educated decisions about who the aspire after. Keeping this kind of thing in the closet, just sets them up for major shell shock when they're old enough to explore it on their own. Just sayin.

  • ChiChi

    She could've done a totally raunchy video like Christina's Dirrty video.... But she kept it somewhat classy LOL.... Props Riri!!

  • Erin

    This just reeks of desperation. "PAY ATTENTION TO ME! NOTICE ME!!" Rihanna has really sold herself out in the past year. It really bothers me that these pop stars don't give a crap about the kind of influence they have on the young girls who listen to them....What's next? An actual porn video used as a music vid? And who will be the first to do it? Lady Gaga? Christina? Britney? Rihanna? And what will be the next thing they'll use to try to shock us?

  • Amy Permenter
    Amy Permenter

    I love it. I applaud her for, once again, embracing herself, her sexuality and her music and refusing to tone it down just because it may make people uncomfortable. Ultimately, it's got a great beat, you can dance to it, and the video is really more comedy than actual S&M propaganda. It's fun and funny. I'm gonna watch it again. :)

  • Creola Beleza
    Creola Beleza

    I agree. But we all know sex sells!!! Lov RiRI though! It's tasteful!

  • Dena O'Hare Winkley
    Dena O'Hare Winkley

    I am sick of all the sex in music and in videos! Is it too much to ask for one of these famous women to do a song without sex, to give our young girls a positive clean role model to look up too??

  • Musicfan

    She could have gone totally overboard considering the theme of the song (like that HORRIBLE Christina Aguilera video), but she kept it more fun and playful than sleazy and "too much", while still having the usual sexy sassyness that is Rihanna. Great video for this song:)