The Four Renesmees in ‘Breaking Dawn’ (SPOILER)

'Breaking Dawn' Primer
Everything you need before the 'Twilight' finale.
Beware of small spoilers!

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward have a daughter named Renesmee, who is half vampire, half human. As a result of her “mixed” status, she ages at rapid speed. In the past, before the “Dawn” of new technology, this would have been a serious problem for filmmakers who obviously want the character to look like the same person but cannot film over a lifetime.

Now, the bright and capable tech wizards behind The Twilight Saga have a plan. Mackenzie Foy will play Renesmee… for the most part, but as the character ages her head will be digitally superimposed onto the bodies of other girls.

So far, Foy, Eliza Faria, Rachel St. Gelais and Sierra Pitkin are confirmed for the role. Click through the head shots of these lucky child stars to examine their acting pedigree, and let us know which you think will steal the show in the comments section.