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She may be one of the hottest teen stars on the planet but Miranda Cosgrove knows the pain of getting dumped.

Miranda, 17, reveals in an interview with Seventeen magazine that she is still smarting from a recent break-up with her mysterious first love.

“I’ve only had one serious boyfriend, but we dated for three years,” Miranda tells the magazine (via People). “We broke up not that long ago. He’s the one guy I really, really liked. People say they have that one person they never forget – I feel like that. Even though we don’t talk too much anymore, he’ll be the one who got away.”

The iCarly star wouldn’t reveal the name of her former beau but many Miranda fans suspect that the Nickelodeon starlet was dating Naked Brothers Band keyboardist Nat Wolff.

Nat must have really had a hold on Miranda as she is still clearly upset about their break-up.

“I’ve been on two dates and I meet really nice people all the time, but I’m not completely over my ex,”  Miranda told the magazine. “Right now I feel a little funny going out with people.”

Check out Nat singing below.

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