Darren Criss Serenades Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

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One of Glee’s brightest new stars, Darren Criss, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (for an episode that will air Wednesday) and chatted about his openly gay character on the show, and even busted out a guitar for a quick tune.

Before his appearance, the 23-year-old actor took to his Twitter on Tuesday to let his followers know all about it:

Sitting backstage, watching Ellen… Which is strange considering I’m about to meet her in like 4 seconds. #bringiton @TheEllenShow

Want to know what tune Darren decided to serenade Ellen with? Take a look after the jump:

That’s right, Darren composed his own musical plea for Finding Nemo 2. Adorable!

For even more Darren cuteness, check out this performance of “Teenage Dream” below:

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