First Look: 'Glee' Goes Bieber!

Glee is ready to get Bieber-fied.

On an upcoming episode titled The Comeback, the guys of New Directions don their finest American Apparel sweatshirts and pop on their hoods to get their groove on Justin Bieber style, and Celebuzz has got a first look.

Also, if you look close enough in one of the group shots, you'll see Santana and Sam -- gasp -- holding hands! What else can you unearth from these photos? Take a look through the gallery and find out for yourself!

Are you excited for Glee to do the Biebs? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Cate

    more weirdly, why are quinn, brittany and santana wearing the same weird christmassy-kinda jumper but in different colours? some evil plot by sue?

  • Jess

    They look so cute i dont know WHY IN HELL Ryan Murphy is thinking about split them! I LOVE SINN and i think Santana is a Slut why she always want to have the other BF, Puck,Finn and now Sam, why se just can be with Artie or some nerd, i hope quinn get back with puck because quinn deserve somebody hot and nice

  • Jess

    why santana has to be suck a wh*r3! i hate her Finn,Puck,Britt and NOW Sam (Quinn and Rachel have to be friends and kick her ass)

  • aisha

    wonder what song they are gona sing and if the girls are gonna do something