Holly Madison Bikinis for SVEDKA

Holly Madison's life of luxury in Las Vegas, where she currently puts on "Peep Show" for the Planet Hollywood Casino, just got BOTIFIED!

Or at least that's what SVEDKA's calling it when you drink their vodka specialty cocktail Hot_Bot. Pictured here, the former Playmate is laying out at a private residence in Vegas being served SVEDKA's finest by a chiseled waiter and a what seems to be a water hose attendant? It's also unclear whether Holly's friendly dog got a taste of that. Hopefully not, otherwise expect a new PETA feud in the coming days.

Click here to see more of Holly Madison bronzing, and let us know what you think of her bikini body in the comments section.



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  • pinkplaygurl28

    i have to say i would like to see all the pictures of the people leaving nasty comments about her. i mean what do you people look like my guess is its really your own insecurity that your commenting on not hers shes beautiful before talking nasty about someone look at yourself first

  • auntbilly

    she is one of the best and original Girls Next Door, the rest are fake imitations even they have fake b...bs!

  • prussianblue

    Sincerely I don't see any problems in this body in bikini, she's pretty and hot!

  • Szilveszter Markus
    Szilveszter Markus

    wooow werry sweet...:)

  • peoplerstoopid

    The fact people are picking her apart is sad. She is gorgeous, has beautiful skin, either bronzed or not. She was "too thin " on Dancing with the Stars, now she is supposedly too 'thick"? This is what is wrong with this country. Women can't do right no matter what they do. How about a new standard of beauty where people look what is best for THEMSELVES?

  • peoplerstoopid

    Yes she does look great!

  • peoplerstoopid

    hey, whats wrong with ghostly BTW? Ever been to Ireland? lots of gorgeous pale ladies there.

  • peoplerstoopid

    I am thin and don't wear bikinis because I don't look look sexy like Holly does. i would love to see photos of men where they pick them apart like this. I like it when she is paler- she isn't ghostly. She has some of the prettiest skin I have seen.

  • peoplerstoopid

    what is wrong with her skin color? She has gorgeous skin and not everyone needs to look Hispanic.

  • Lili

    whats with the woman with the hose on all pictures?

  • Mark Barnes
    Mark Barnes

    I tell you there are so many critics out there. Holly is Holly. If you think so little of her, why are you here? Holly is one of the sweetest and most generous people I have ever known. I had the pleasure of scoring music with her, and got to know the girl behind the glam, and she is a real beauty in the land of fakes, and by fakes I don't mean surgery, I mean in the genuineness of personality, in the true of the heart. To top all that off, she's beautiful, you people really need to blow......

  • aaden

    She's let herself go alright, I saw her 18 months ago in "Peepshow" and she looked way better.

  • Kim

    After the age of about 16, NO woman looks good in a bikini. They only think they do. Holly looks a little soft. But then she isn't 16 anymore either.

  • Juli Price
    Juli Price

    omg what was she thinking! If she wore the correct bathing suit for her figure, she wouldn't look so terrible in this suit!! And I agree that she does look thick around the tummy and thighs. And never wear a black bikini, esp. when you are so ghostly looking! her face is alot tanner than the rest of her body.

  • h2

    like a real woman you mean?

  • Amber

    why is her face and neck tan and the rest of her pasty?

  • wolf woman
    wolf woman

    sorry, but the white, un-toned body doesn't cut it.

  • Terri

    I think she looks terrible in a bikini, she's thick around the middle, got somewhat of a pot there and big thighs. She should have stuck with Hef, she wouldn't have to work so hard. She definitely needs a trainer.

  • Terri

    I think she look awful in the bikini, kind of thick around the middle and big thighs.

  • Tracey Johnson
    Tracey Johnson

    Or SIT UPS! If you are going to slam someone, how about spell check idiot!

  • dee

    She has put on some weight. She looks like she's pregnant.

  • bob

    Sweetie how about a little bronzer on that hot body next time

  • Chris N.
    Chris N.

    I also saw her in Vegas three weeks ago, and she was the hottest person onstage. Way too many bony girls up there for my liking.

  • No


  • No

    WTF are you all talking about?! F***ing morons...

  • B

    Yep definitely has a pooch tummy. I am almost 50 and I got some ripped abs compared to her. The girl doesnt look like she does any kind of exercise. Its from those days with Hef just sitting/laying around. She is way to young to have a body that looks like this and esp if this is how she makes her money. Get a little tan also.

  • Tyrell Vance
    Tyrell Vance

    Does she have a HOSE lady because she is SOOO HOT?

  • Tyrell Vance
    Tyrell Vance

    I have a tip for her: DO MORE SET-UPS

  • Sherry40

    The advertising team that created this vodka ad should be fired. Is this how the company believes they can increase sales? To me it's a big turnoff.

  • Joyce

    Holly is to old for this. She looks like the old Sally Star from the 1950's on steroids. Also to old for that dumb laugh. She sounds like a flirty thirteen year old. Hef was smart not to get any more involved.

  • twinklemepink06

    Holly looks so sexy and curvvvvy! Very nice.

  • Jay

    Saw her in Vegas 3 weeks ago, and she was the biggest and most unfit person on the stage. The best way to describe her figure is "frumpy". She needs to work out if her figure is the main thing regarding her career.