How Jen Aniston Reformed ‘Mean’ Perez Hilton

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Could Jennifer Aniston be behind gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s “nice” reformation?

The Just Go with It actress reveals in an upcoming episode of Ellen that she once confronted “mean” Perez at a garage in Los Angeles.

“I ran into Perez Hilton in a garage,”Jen explains to host Ellen DeGeneres. “I had finished dinner with a girlfriend and we were driving out and I saw this tall, long, lean person and I say, ‘Who is that?’ And she says, ‘I think that’s Perez Hilton.’ I said, ‘No. I have to say something to him. I have to’.”

“I just said, ‘Come here. Just talk to me for a second,'” continued Jen. “It was one of those great moments. It was a lovely meeting and I was just like, ‘Why are you so mean?’ There’s something really great about putting a human being in front of another human being and then the reality that those words, even if it’s for humor or effect or whatever, there’s a human being behind all of that…And he’s kept it up too which is good.”

Ellen revealed that Perez told her during a recent interview that Jen’s confrontation was part of the reason behind his new nice approach.

Watch Ellen’s interview with Perez (where he vows to stop being mean to celebrities) below.

Jennifer also talked with Ellen about the adoption rumors that never seem to die.

“No, I’m not adopting any children,” Jen tells Ellen. Now if only the rumors would go away!

Jennifer’s interview with Ellen airs on Thursday, February 3.

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