Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joining 'Dark Knight Rises'?

Joseph Gordon Levitt Dark Knight Rises
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Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt the latest Hollywood heavy hitter to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises?

Not too long ago, it was announced that Anne Hathaway would step into the role of Catwoman, and now Deadline is reporting the 500 Days of Summer star is expected to join the cast as well. Joseph already worked with the film's director, Christopher Nolan, on the blockbuster Inception, but the helmer has remain tight-lipped on whether Gordon-Levitt is in fact joining the cast or what part he would play.

Joseph isn't the only Inception star who would appear in the new Batman film -- British actor Tom Hardy is set to star as Bane in the 2012 film, which begins production this spring.

Do you think Joseph would make a good addition to the cast? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • anon

    He's an excellent actor but keep 'em coming and soon enough it'll be an Inception circle-jerk

  • sophie1986

    Fingers crossed he'll play "The Riddler" and the riddles will be all Inception-y: “Riddle me this, Batman: If I show up inside your dream with my friend who’s impersonating your friend, and we then go inside a dream within that dream: whose subconscious will my friend represent? And when I look at his reflection inside your dream, why would I see his real face, when you can’t?"