Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Win Big on 'Top Earners' List

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are top Hollywod earners.

First, the good news for Kristen Stewart: The Twilight beauty was Hollywood's top female earner last year.

Now, the bad news: She still made less than her Twilight cohort Taylor Lautner.

A list of Hollywood's Top Earners published in the March issue of Vanity Fair names Stewart as the best-paid show-biz female last year, with $28.5 million in earnings. Stewart, who came in 13th overall on the list, bested such heavy Hollywood hitters as Jennifer Aniston, who socked away $24.5 million, and Aniston's tabloid arch-nemesis, Angelina Jolie, who took in a mere $21.5 million.

Alas, K-Stew still hasn't won financial bragging rights on the Breaking Dawn set; Lautner, who's been lining up some big post-Twilight movie deals for himself lately, raked in $33.5 million in 2010. Stewart, however, still out-earned her other co-star (and rumored boyfriend) Robert Pattinson, who just made the Top 15 with $27.5 million. (Does that mean Kristen pays for their dates?)

Do you think the Twilight stars are earning their dough? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • luv k-stew
    luv k-stew

    kristine is a good actress,,,im her #1 fan..she deserve to be the highest paid actress in hollywood..

  • lily collins
    lily collins

    kristen is amazing, so is my taytay. <33 :)

  • celia

    I agree with mike and kara she worked for it and she earned it from acting not selling nude pics of herself

  • zara

    oh please, kristen never knew twilight will be this big. when they auditioned they never knew about the massive fan following. everyone thought it was just another low budget film. you can't just film the first twilight film and not the others and I'm pretty sure kristen stuck with the twilight films because she knew it's a huge stepping stone for her. Quit trashing her for every damn little thing and go spend time with your edward pillow.

  • Steff17

    I agree with Mike and Kara85 she started to work since she was 9 years-old and she is a great actress, she has worked for.

  • mike

    I agree with kara85 and also the downside of fame and her success is the privacy intrusion..why should she have a downside of making no money for the trade off? She earn't it, deal with it. Oh and next time one of you earn more money doing something than someone else agrees with we will start complaining too eh?

  • kara85

    well it's not kristen fault she is paid that much for OTR, i mean good for her, whatever it's not her fault if the OTR people paid her more than WFE people paid Pattinson, quit blaming for her for every little thing Pattinson fans, seriously it's kinda pathetic. JMO Your jealousy is so apparent lol

  • kara85

    Wow why so much bitterness ? Is it because she is earning so much that any of you would ever dream on? Cry me a river lol Life is a bitch and unfair There are rich people that come into this world with a sliver spoon in their mouth and have their life already set for luxury, at least Kristen has worked since she was little and earn her money fair and square even if you think an actress job is paid too much, she hasn't stolen anything and earn her money so whatever. So much jealousy from R hags aww don't worry I am sure Pattinson will out earn all the mediocre actors out there soon enough with his dazzling and sparkling performance and eventually get an Oscar nomination that you bitter Pattinson fans thinks he deserves by virtue of his amazing extraordinary acting ability lol

  • Catca

    Here's why Stewart and Lautner both did not earn their money - they haven't been in a film that they headlined that actually made money with the exception of Twilight. Pattinson's "Remember Me" may not have been a blockbuster, but it did actually turn a profit. Stewart's other movies have LOST money and Lautner has only headlined Sharkboy and Lavagirl outside of Twilight as far as releases. Of the three top Twilight stars, Pattinson has done the most recently to warrant his pay. And "Here", I have to agree with Emily. I understand where Kristin is coming from, but she has gotten bad press off her complaints for a few years now - doesn't she learn from past mistakes? If she only complained once or twice, I'd be empathetic and cut her some slack but in this months Vogue, she is complaining yet again. She is also agreeing to star in big budget movies. If she truly wanted her career without the fame, she emulate Zoey Daschenal and stick with indies. She could have chosen not to do Twilight sequels, etc. Instead, she's chosen to go for the cash so seriously, she really does need to stop complaining. Her incessant complaining could be a big part of why her non-Twilight movies have not done well. She's created a backlash against herself. Not smart (which also begs the question - why the high pay?)

  • emily

    girl please! She can't have it both ways! EVERY SINGLE JOB in the world has a downside, why shouldn't hers? And on top of that acting gave her almost 30 MILLION IN ONE YEAR!!! Everybody else's jobs are difficult, with downsides, only they pay next to nothing! So she better show respect to underpayed people who watched twilight&made her very rich! Acting is by definition a job in the limelight, you don't like it, change your profression! PS: Why are you dragging Pattinson in this? I never said anything about him, if anything, the guy never acted disrespectful or whiny like she does and she does it ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Here

    She is not anti-hollywood, she loves being an atress. She just want to protect her personal life as possible as she can. It's a common sense non? Some celebrities like to show paparrazzi their privacy to be more famous, she and rob are not that type. I mean they love their career of acting. Leave them alone. WTF

  • emily

    I'm SHOCKED they payed her so much money for on the road; and wasn't she supposed to be anti-hollywood, that she didn't like big budget films, that she's a rebel, that she hates fame&attention???? Guess what, after the twilight franchise she's doing Snow White! I'm down with actors trying to make money&be as famous as possible, but b*tch please, don't say you're abti-hollywood when you're anything but!!!!