Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Win Big on ‘Top Earners’ List

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First, the good news for Kristen Stewart: The Twilight beauty was Hollywood’s top female earner last year.

Now, the bad news: She still made less than her Twilight cohort Taylor Lautner.

A list of Hollywood’s Top Earners published in the March issue of Vanity Fair names Stewart as the best-paid show-biz female last year, with $28.5 million in earnings. Stewart, who came in 13th overall on the list, bested such heavy Hollywood hitters as Jennifer Aniston, who socked away $24.5 million, and Aniston’s tabloid arch-nemesis, Angelina Jolie, who took in a mere $21.5 million.

Alas, K-Stew still hasn’t won financial bragging rights on the Breaking Dawn set; Lautner, who’s been lining up some big post-Twilight movie deals for himself lately, raked in $33.5 million in 2010. Stewart, however, still out-earned her other co-star (and rumored boyfriend) Robert Pattinson, who just made the Top 15 with $27.5 million. (Does that mean Kristen pays for their dates?)

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