Leighton Meester Wants You to Keep Your Hands to Yourself (VIDEO)

Leighton & Her Pup
Check out pics of Leighton with her doggy.
Leighton Meester, star of The Roommate, has a simple request for future co-habitators: Don’t touch her s**t.

Leighton made a hilarious satirical PSA for College Humor where she pleads with her would-be roommate to not touch her things.

“We can eradicate the issue of you touching my s**t with only a dime a day,” says Leighton. “I made a little stack of dimes and put it on my dresser. It fell over so I know you’re touching my s**t. Don’t touch my s**t!”

Watch the video (with some NSFW language) after the jump.

Considering that Leighton plays a mentally disturbed roommate in her upcoming film it is probably best for her hypothetical roommate to follow her advice.

Check out Leighton going nuts in The Roommate trailer below.

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