Justin Bieber at the NY Premiere of ‘Never Say Never’ (PHOTOS)

'Never Say Never' Clip
A sneak peek at Justin Bieber's cinematic epic.
The mighty cinematic awesomeness that is sure to be Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never is almost upon us, and a handful of lucky ones got a chance to get an early look at the 3-D biopic last night in New York City — alongside Justin himself!

Scores of fans and press surrounded the Regal E-Walk movie theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan to get a glimpse of the superstar as he made his way into the theater to show off his movie to the Big Apple. Clad in a black shirt, black leather jacket and bow-tie, Bieber was teen chic and loving it.

Biebs naturally tweeted about various parts of the night, telling his followers:

didnt have access all day. Great night. SPIKE LEE came thru and then i saw him after the movie at the Knick game. great guy … thanks 2 the fans for 2nite. we were able 2 surprise alot of u outside and get u in. Its all because of u. thanks

That wasn’t the only thing that happened at the Knicks game. Twitter was on fire with reports that Bieber was booed by the New York crowd when he appeared on the stadium screens. Check out the video:

Everyone else without premiere tickets will have to wait until February 11 to get a glimpse of the Never Say Never goodness. For now though, check out the trailer below: