Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’: Two Brand-New Clips! (VIDEO)

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Hold on to your hats (or your carefully cultivated bangs), true Beliebers, because we have two brand-spanking-new clips from Justin Bieber’s upcoming 3D movie, Never Say Never, for you!

In the first clip, the Biebs displays that, contrary to popular opinion, being Justin Bieber isn’t all fun, all the time—he does, on occasion, have to deal with setbacks. Such as strained vocal cords that threaten to derail his performances and disappoint his devoted fans.

The second clip is an exercise in Bieber nostalgia, chronicling how, way back in the day, when Justin was a wee lad of 12 years old, he would hone his vocal and guitar chops by performing on the steps of the Avon Theater in his hometown of Stratford.

Dive into the clips after the jump.

Never Say Never hits theaters on February 11. How excited are you to check it out, after seeing these clips? Let us know in the comments section!