Andrew Garfield Films ‘Spider-Man’ in Costume (PHOTOS)

Spider-Man Kiss
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield lock lips!
RPattz & A-Garf
Pattinson and Garfield are British BFFs.
Andrew Garfield was in full-on Spider-Man mode overnight on Friday, rocking the red and blue costume and putting to doubt any non-believers who questioned his ability to pull of the part of Spidey.

Garfield, who’s shooting the superhero film in the midst of all the Oscar buzz surrounding his last project The Social Network, was seen in downtown Los Angeles filming scenes for the new Spider-Man installation. He took over the role from Tobey Maguire, and it seems that with a new body filling the suit, they also made some adjustments to the skin-tight garb as well. While it’s still the same colors, the new Spidey suit has been updated with some modern design, looking much more sleek and detailed than Tobey’s old get-up.

So when will you actually get to see Garfield as Peter Parker in the still-untitled movie? You’ll have to sit tight until July of 2012, sadly.