Andrew Garfield Films 'Spider-Man' in Costume (PHOTOS)

Andrew Garfield was in full-on Spider-Man mode overnight on Friday, rocking the red and blue costume and putting to doubt any non-believers who questioned his ability to pull of the part of Spidey.

Garfield, who's shooting the superhero film in the midst of all the Oscar buzz surrounding his last project The Social Network, was seen in downtown Los Angeles filming scenes for the new Spider-Man installation. He took over the role from Tobey Maguire, and it seems that with a new body filling the suit, they also made some adjustments to the skin-tight garb as well. While it's still the same colors, the new Spidey suit has been updated with some modern design, looking much more sleek and detailed than Tobey's old get-up.

So when will you actually get to see Garfield as Peter Parker in the still-untitled movie? You'll have to sit tight until July of 2012, sadly.



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  • Jared

    I'm not looking forward to this movie because I don't understand why they would get rid off the best actors for spider man ( Tobey Maguire,Christen dunst ) they were actually perfect and the plan about the big reboot was a big mistake for all spider man fans everywhere so I would actually think twice about seeing this dumb movie. >:(

  • Steve Seay
    Steve Seay

    Now that's what I call a "friendly" neighborhood Spider-Man.

  • Alicia M.
    Alicia M.

    How do you know when if it's him or a stunt double?

  • nealesmull

    looks like vinyl

  • simplydiffer

    This is the most homo-erotic Spiderman that I have ever seen created. I AM SO WATCHING THIS.

  • daisy

    asian stunt double. nice try tho'

  • Amy M
    Amy M

    He looks like an scrawny underweigh­t porn actor doing a really creepy rubber/lat­ex fetish video.

  • Elias

    Wow this seems to be coming along swimmingly. I agree with Arthur, this is definitely a chance to finally get it right...In the age of the Dark Knight there is NO reason for Hollywood to keep making Spider Man 3's or FF 2's or X-Men 3's. I was actually watching the animated Spider-Man show with my kid and decided to look online to see if they were going to make more episodes. With a click of a button I went from Live TV to the Internet using the Logitech Revue with Google TV (I'm a DISH customer and employee) and found this site instead! Great info. Can't wait for the movie.

  • Arthur Marcus
    Arthur Marcus

    THIS FRANCHISE IS HUNGRY FOR GREATNESS! This is the time to rebuild the franchise. They should utilise the villains that weren’t included in the previous films such as Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Carnage, Chameleon, Electro, Enforcers, Hammerhead, Hobgoblin, Hydro-Man, Jackal, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Morbius, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion, Shocker, Silvermane, Spot, Tinkerer, Tombstone, Vulture. Mary-Jane Watson has been a love interest in every Spider-Man film. That must change. They should include the following love interests and leave Mary-Jane Watson out of the films for at least a while: Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Gwen Stacy, Debra Whitman, April Maye, Michele Gonzales, Jean DeWolff, Jessica Drew, Lisa Skye, Marcy Kane, Angelica Jones, Felicia Hardy, Sarah Rushman, Carlie Cooper, Norah Winters. This is a second chance to get it right. This is an opportunity.

  • DAVE

    So...It looks like Spidey's sharing some of his "web-fluid" with this unlucky fella.

  • DAVE

    What the HECK is this photo all about ?!

  • sophie1986

    Unrelated question, are we sure the “webbing” he shoots is artifical in this one?

  • sophie1986

    This movie will never be as epic as the musical.

  • Noah

    Uhh, what's going on in this photo? [img] Garfield-340_451.jpg[/img]

  • Judas

    I don't think this is Andrew Garfield. He is skinnier than this... unles they bulge the costume up.