Joe Jonas Films Funny or Die Video: First Look!

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The Jonas Brothers hunk gave fans a sneak peek of a new video he is filming for Funny or Die when he tweeted out a behind-the-scenes photo. The Twitter pic showed Joe in the middle of filming a dinner scene with an unidentified blonde woman and another male actor.

“We shot a video today with Joe Jonas,” the people behind Funny or Die tweeted. “If enough of you get excited we’ll give away something he touched. Honest.”

“Hah,” Joe responded. “Had a blast!” It’s hard to not have a good time when hanging out with so many hilarious people!

Details are scant on Joe’s video and the pop star isn’t revealing any details (yet). Fans will have to wait for the video to be released in the near future.

Joe isn’t the first Young Hollywood star to film exclusive videos for Funny or Die– Justin Biebertook over” the comedy website on April Fools’ Day last year. Watch Justin’s takeover video below.

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