Kristen Stewart Offered Snow White Role, Says Source

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Kristen Stewart is reportedly just a signature away from portraying Snow White in the upcoming film adaptation of the classic fairy tale.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kristen, 20, was offered the lead role in Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman. As previously reported KStew was on the shortlist of possible actresses to portray Snow White in the Rupert Sanders-directed live-action film. Apparently she won over the movie bigwigs!

Other actresses that were being considered for the role of Snow White included Kristen's Runaways co-star Riley Keough and Sucker Punch star Emma Browning.

There is no word on if Kristen will accept the role but if decides to sign on to the film it will be her first post-Twilight project. The young actress is currently in the middle of filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Other stars that are rumored to be joining the film include Charlize Theron (who will play the Evil Queen) and Viggo Mortensen.

With The Twilight Saga under her belt, Kristen will have no problem filling the shoes of another iconic character.

Check out Kristen's skills in the Eclipse trailer below.

Word of warning: Don't believe all of the Kristen casting rumors that you hear. Kristen's rep recently shot down a report that the actress was auditioning for the role of Lois Lane in the 2012 Superman reboot.

Are you excited to see Kristen play Snow White? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Katheryn

    I think Nina Dobrev should play the part!

  • sam


  • guest

    No way not this girl who is she...yuk. Its about attitude people not just the face. IF this movie was the original cute Disney princes then maybe only because of the face. Kristen is the best choice.

  • jennyjazz

    [img] browning-340_226.jpg[/img]

  • jennyjazz

    I would much prefer to see Emily Browning in the role. She already looks like a fairy tale character and she did a fantastic acting job in "The Uninvited." I really hope they consider her!

  • stazzieable

    it's better that the role is for selena gomez cause she is cute! both for selena gomez!

  • stazzieable

    it is better that selena gomez transform to snow white! selena gomez-snow white

  • Steff17

    She will be perfect!!she is an amazing actress!!

  • tiredofnegativepeople

    Cause you are such an expert!! First of Selena was never a person who was of interest so your first fact is wrong. Second you need to have someone who can handle the role whether it be a well known actress or not that person has to be strong if the character is strong. Can you name another strong, independent good young actress who can kick butt. No way. The other girls are good but do not have the qualities needed.

  • Kopns

    I'm guessing the movie will be crap, if they chose Kristen for the lead role. She's the same person in every movie. I liked her in The Runaways, but that's about it. There are two Snow White movies in the making and I'm guessing The Brothers Grimm: Snow White will be the better of the two. Studios usually try to cash in on a theme by dishing out a quick, sloppy film that mimics another better film coming out at the same time. Both Kristen and Selena Gomez were considered for this role, which shows that the studio is just trying to cash in on someone popular rather than choose a good actress.

  • Andie

    I heard that Selena Gomez also claims to Snow White's role. If she'll get this role, that film will suck! I hate Disney princess films!!! Anyway Kristen is right choice!!! She'll be great! Good luck!

  • simplydiffer

    It's a darker Snow White. Nothing like the little Miss Priss that Disney made her. This Snow White is kicking ass and taking names in this movie. SO it should be interesting to see her in it.

  • Here

    Better you disappear first em. Disgusting ...

  • Laura

    It's Emily not Emma. Congratulations Kristen!

  • tiredofnegativepeople

    that's your opinion. This movie is not the childhood princess stuff. This movie is different, the role calls for the lead actress to be a strong, independent female Kristen is all plus the fact that she is pretty. She will be a kickass snow white. It's not to be a cute look at my dimples type of her. Get to know before you comment. Good that you are not going cause you have no idea....

  • Noly

    She can't act. She will ruin Snow White. I don't want to watch this.

  • juno

    i think she's gonna add something to this character caus she's smart and different .i wish her good luck

  • goaway

    Pathetic hater to the left!!!

  • em

    facking bitch! when the h3ll are we gonna get rid of this hypocrite??? Like she doesn't loooooove attention! DUH!!! She craves it!!! I hate her with a passion&say whatever the fack you want you little DUMB@SS minions of hers! You're even more pathetic than she is! And no, I don't wanna fack Pattinson, I just want this megab*tch to disappear!

  • crizo

    she is perfect for that role with that sweet, beautifull face of her go kristen

  • Here

    Wow, i knew she got the offer a fews days ago. she will be the perfect snow white to kick ass. She is so sweet and brave.

  • Pat Mara
    Pat Mara

    Would love to see Kristen as Snow White. I think she is cute, and more importantly, she is got character.