Snooki Explains Why the Ocean is Salty (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore's Snooki explains wy the ocean is salty
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: Celebrity guidette. Authoress. Tanning aficionado. Oceanographer?

On last night's episode of Jersey Shore, everyone's favorite pint-size Jersey-ite reached deep into her vast reservoir of knowledge to answer an age-old question: Why is the ocean salty?

While cavorting on the boardwalk with her new beau Jeff on the episode, Snooki offered the following thought on the Atlantic.

“I hate the ocean. Yea, it’s all whale sperm.”
To which a perplexed Jeff replied,
“Whale sperm! There’s no whale out here!"
Undeterred by this seemingly reasonable observation, Polizzi reasserted her theory during a post-shoot interview, noting,'
“Everybody Google it because that’s why the water is salty. From the whale sperm.”

An intriguing theory, to be sure. Though the Snookster should probably leave open the possibility that the ocean is salty because of, well, salt.

Watch Snooki flex her marine biology knowledge below:



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  • Brendhan

    Snooki is a glamorous creature in a fishbowl called Jersey Shore.  When you simpletons make fun of Snooki's statements,  it means you don't understand its many levels expression.     The MTV Network broadcasts Snooki's life philosophy in entertaining analogies for the ocean of television viewers.  However, she is not a ditz like Jessica Simpson.  She is the Yogi Berra - nay - the Schopenhauer of our day.  While she may not have the classical training of a scholar, these clips require further study to understand the Zeitgeist of Snooki.   For the maidens throughout the fair land teeming with sexualized energy, she expresses her discontent with the natural order. Her multi-level statement about whale sperm has a saltier deeper meaning. Her expression employs the urban legend about ocean salt (easily found on google) to surface her unmet desires to her potential suitor.   While she lives on shore and in the fishbowl, the ocean breathes nearby.  The smell of salt - or is that whale sperm? - permeates the air.

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