Lindsay Lohan to Be Charged With Felony Grand Theft

Lindsay Lohan Charged with Felony Theft

A mere month after completing her court-mandated rehab treatment, Lindsay Lohan could be in legal hot water again.

TMZ reports that Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, California, jewelry store on January 22. Surveillance footage from the store reportedly shows Lohan trying on the necklace, which she appeared to be wearing in photographs a week later.

After the store owner filed a claim last week, police searched Lohan's home for the necklace but came up empty, as it had been returned by the time they arrived.

Sources say that the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office could file charges as early as Monday. If convicted, Lohan—who is currently still on probation stemming from a DUI arrest—could receive up to three years in state prison.

Sources close to the 24-year-old actress, who maintains that the necklace was on loan to her from the store, say she plans to fight the charges.



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  • Artie James
    Artie James

    she needs 3 years in prison to get her life back in order..

  • whoresofbabylon

    [img] Angeles - Downtowns Angels-340_103.jpg[/img]

  • whoresofbabylon

    So, how did the communists of unholy wood manage to make taking other peoples' screenplays not a crime? Screenplays are worth millions of dollars and yet no executives who make a living by stealing literary property is ever found guilty of a crime? How did the communists finesse that deal with the government of the USA?

  • simplydiffer

    I doubt she'll ever return to her "Mean Girls" hayday. Poor girl. I used to have hope, but she just KEEPS MESSING UP!

  • auntbilly

    please, tell me world this is not true! what is wrong with her??? she has more salt than a fish(she has really bad luck)