Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Halftime Performance (VIDEO)

The Black Eyed Peas brought the fun back to the Super Bowl Halftime show with their futuristic, energetic performance that was equal parts visual and audible.

The Peas, clad in black outfits equipped with blinking lights, repelled from the roof of Cowboys Stadium and lit up the field with their theatrics. Hundreds of dancers dressed in Tron-like blinking outfits performed choreographed light shows as Fergie and crew belted out hits like 'I Gotta Feeling,' 'Time of My Life' and 'Boom Boom Pow.' As expected, Slash and Usher also made cameos to help the Peas rock the crowd. Watch the video after the jump!



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  • noah

    You should see the ESPN poll on the BEP's halftime performance: [img][/img] 35% of the nation gave them an F.

  • sophie1986

    Normally, I don't share such personal experiences but today I'm gonna tell you one anyway: Normally I tune in for the Puppy Bowl’s kitten halftime show because I don’t really care about Tom Petty or Janet Jackson’s nipple shuriken or whatever, but this year I sat transfixed, staring at Fergie’s meth-manipulated face as she repeatedly punched the air as she hit about four of the fifteen available melodic minor scales. Was this really happening? All I know is that it was an especially bad night for Mike Tomlin, who is both the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the lead singer for the Black Eyed Peas. Next year, let’s just go with Dethklok and call it a night

  • Kev


  • chuck

    i'm with sam. if there is any talent in that band, it has nothing to do with music. as for me, i would say that their talent lies somewhere in tricking peoples eardrums. boy, they suck!

  • Sam

    I can't believe these people make money doing...whatever it is they do. Clearly none of them can sing...or even rap. Usher was doing those moves back in 1998...seriously?

  • Rossana Claud
    Rossana Claud

    i love black eyed the performance.superb! two thumbs up

  • C Eve
    C Eve

    Fergie was a blonde in her original videos and she was ok, and she sang ok, but nothing major special. Then she went brunette and was HOT. THe PEAS are great, but they need her to be HOT HOT HOT!!! Now she is a blonde again, and she once again is just blah!, ... just doesn't seem all that special. Can hair color do that much???

  • D

    Blackeye Peas really had a Super Bowl party at half time