Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hold Hands Santa Monica (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber must have hopped on the red eye after rocking Saturday Night Live, and apparently his first stop back on the west coast was straight to the arm of his kinda-sorta gal pal, Selena Gomez.

Bieber and Gomez looked every bit like an adorable twosome as they strolled down the streets of Santa Monica, California on Sunday afternoon hand-in-hand. The two got their walking fuel by nourishing themselves with a lunch at The Ivy.

Selena was clad in a dueling white shirts while Bieber stayed warm with a collared tan sweater.



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  • Mora

    Parece que estan re bajoneados en esta foto

  • Sam Samberg
    Sam Samberg

    Haha who wears turtle necks to the beach? xD Silly Justin. Always being your silly silly self :)

  • Devarti

    love wht selena is wearing... it luks really pretty

  • 098776

    she's too Pretty to date justin bieber !


    Te odio Selena sos una puta! Prefiero mil veces mas que este con Miley Cyrus vos sos cualquiera selena dejate de joder solo el te "quiere"

  • Muhammad Aman Hasbullah
  • alonzal

    That's true, smh

  • Patricia Borgstede
    Patricia Borgstede

    gosh they are the cutest couple

  • Angelica Ann Turgeon
    Angelica Ann Turgeon

    Haha, You just made my day.

  • justine bieber
    justine bieber

    selena and justin are very sweet

  • Wing Bububiba
    Wing Bububiba

    What ever Justin & Selena do ... I LOVE Jelena!!!

  • jackeline

    it was sarcasm

  • Raymond Lewis Potter
    Raymond Lewis Potter

    Omq There The New Hottest Younq Couple!!♥ Justin Better Treat Her Riqht Or She'll Dump His Ass..Then Who Will He Go After??(Demi Lovato??)(Miley Cyrus??) No One Knoes.. :)

  • Raymond Lewis Potter
    Raymond Lewis Potter

    Omq Wow Buhh We All Knew Somethinq Will Happen Between Them Since Justin Sunq To Selena On Staqe..

  • dafish11

    awhh i feel bad for celebs...they try to live a normal life but theres always ppl taking pics and tlaking bad about u wish ppl would let them be

  • dafish11

    ahhahahahahahha now she cant deny those questions if shes dating him or not. cuz heres proof!

  • Andressa Bernardes
    Andressa Bernardes

    Casal fofo, mas tenho ciúmes....kkk'

  • noah

    I hope they get married and make little Biebez's.


    Happy for them ! now the losers can stop sayin he's gay :p here is the proof !

  • Bieber fever
    Bieber fever

    Happy for them.

  • Jelena is perfect
    Jelena is perfect

    The Biebs looks insanely hot. Selena is freakin lucky

  • Tyler Garchsborg
    Tyler Garchsborg

    Bieber is lucky, mean who dosent want to date Selena, she is talented and hot

  • Helena

    Calling her fake dosent make u real chill bro she can date how she wants it is her life not yours.

  • josh5860

    I think they also look great together. I'm absolutely okay with them going out with each other. They're age isn't a problem either, they're just two years apart, so it's okay for them to date.

  • javi

    @marcus bro she's young she's allow to date this is not the 50's and calling her a slut is like calling every woman who dates alot sluts please grow up bro

  • SnoopBrie

    There are so cute together ! It doesn't matter if there dating ! If there happy then i'm happy too !

  • Jenna

    I agree krishanawhyte! they are such a cute and goodlooking couple.

  • SaRa

    awwwww ^^

  • Jarrell

    The age is not a prablem. Thers only 2 years between them.

  • Julia

    Justin looks sooo sexy, lucky Sel

  • Marcus

    Selena is a slut she only dates famus boys she a fake slut. Nick Jonas , Taylor Launter and now Justin Bieber

  • Lora

    awwww selena is soo freakin lucky.

  • krishanawhyte

    this is cute i wish they were a couple they look good together

  • ???


  • Lora

    Justin is soo damned fine. Selena is freakin lucky

  • kim

    Love em both happy for them

  • Vivan

    Just love Selenas outfilt it soo nice.

  • Jelena

    Awww they look adorale together. Jelena perfect, hope they are dating

  • Eline

    In my opinion they're really cute ;)

  • jessifa

    stfu bitch

  • Wing Bububiba
    Wing Bububiba

    No... They are dating....

  • maxi

    pretty whore... haha

  • jackeline

    ooh they are holding hands... but dont worry they are just friends

  • javi

    im going to say they look good together i know the age thing is a problem for some but she's a mature lady she knows what to do and not to do and him well he's young and he seems to respect her his a good kid.

  • Mz.Awsome

    no selena dnt fall 4 the arrogant person!!!!

  • Robert

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