Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl Commercial (VIDEO)

Kim Kardshian Super Bowl Commercial
The Kardashians
The Kardashians
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Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl commercial just aired, and she sure brought a whole bunch of sexy to Skechers ShapeUps!

In the steamy ad, Kim and an unidentified fellow are seen in a sensual embrace as the camera pans across Kim's barely-clad body. Then, the break-up talk begins. The moral of the spot? Apparently Skechers ShapeUps will make you ditch your (smoking hot) trainer, because as Kim put it, it'll be "bye-bye trainer, hello Shape-Ups."

Watch the commercial after the jump!



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  • Changa Altan
    Changa Altan

    hi kim Thank you

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  • jenn

    there is nothing amazing about her. shes all fake and slutty. no celeb is amazing. they have done nothing in their lives useful. they make way too much money for what they do!

  • jenn

    she is a terrible role model!!! how could you think she is good? shes a tramp! you dont want young girls thinking thats how they should be. we have such horrible role models. they are useless and horrible people.

  • jenn

    no brook. ashley is right. stop and think about what you said, its rediculous! she is fake just like almost all of the other celebs. i would probably get a couple things done too if i had the money, but she looks really fake and with all her stylists and makeup artists and plastic surgeons, anyone can look how they want! you have a very bad attituude. she is a slut and has any excuse to prance around naked. she shouldnt even be famous. she has done nothing useful to.

  • bryan

    hey thats why i love her

  • brook

    dam stop hating everyone she is hot cant take that away from her and your prob jealous because you take the time to actually talk trash about her on this gay wall

  • Ashley

    she is fake. any woman who feels envious of her should look at all the work she has done. Anyone could look good with 10 stylists and a plastic surgeon.

  • Kay

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  • John

    Uhhh...cuz Kim Kardashian is only famous because of sex. Take that aspect out and she's a dumb useless waste of oxygen.

  • kekad

    i am not gay but kim look hot as usal

  • wendy

    I couldnt agree more Mario... well said :)

  • justme

    Or should it read: dates anyone with a dingdong?

  • justme

    No Joe she is not a role model for anyone. She dates anything with money. We have a name for 'chicks' like her. Hated the commercial. What a waste of money. Skechers needs to get a real celebrity for their commercials.

  • joe

    Great role model for young girls

  • Gene

    Will someone please, please, please make this skank go away?

  • davem

    she belongs on dirty jobs with mike rowe,get rid of this tramp,talentless hoe!!!!!

  • madkisser15

    do it without wear any make up, kim

  • madkisser15

    do you need a ketchup with that?

  • davem

    it should read "SUPER HOLE " commercial,what a pig! all you need is mud!

  • lucymae

    Omg Kim U look Amaz , Soo cute and cheeky . Deffs have to try a pair of your new Sketches

  • ralph

    i tend to agree, especially the way the "booty shots" don;t show her from the neck up.

  • ralph

    the way it's edited, it does not appear to be her butt.

  • Chandler Smith
    Chandler Smith

    Hi Kim. I was so happy to see your Skechers commercial, and I was actually wearing my Shape-Up's too. O, what a good way to end the Super Bowl, and Green Bay won.

  • Lisa

    She is a douche bag

  • Not a KK fan
    Not a KK fan

    ok...that commercial was kinda cheezy BUT...I never thought KK was hot until that commercial. wow, she looks pretty good now...

  • Keith

    a slezzy commercial. It's fitting the used the biggest slezz

  • B

    Kim didnt look her normal bootie self. Did she have a ass/body makeover??? She is pretty curvacious/full bodied and I didnt see it in this commercial.

  • Enne

    Hi Kim, I'm definitley a fan, but honestly have to say I did not love this commercial. Your voice and unenergetic style of speaking always falls flat for me as it did when you hosted People's sexiest. Please don't take me for one of those rude haters that leave ridiculously cruel and insulting comments on your site. I'm giving you my honest opinion as I would my own best friend and sister. Love you and hope to see you one in in a super exciting peice on tv where you are free and opne and full of enrgy.

  • tommy

    A fantastic girl!Supergorgeus.supersweet..seem about others. mwuah*

  • mario

    wait a doesn't leave anyone especially a guy, they all leave her. you know the usual tap that ass and drop her like nothing. kim and snooki the role models for all little american girls

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez

    What????? Is Kim Kardashian paying you guys to keep writing about her. She is a porn queen and there are a lot of sites for porn stars. She is not attractive and her body has a lot to be desired. Please, enough!!!!!!!

  • Jones

    OMG I want to eat her ass

  • Julia

    Kim looks stunning as usal

  • morpheus61

    I loved Kim in this spot. It was a cute commercial...the poor guy must really be jealous that sketchers got more game than he does! lol

  • Linda

    i love the kardashians but this commerical is forced.. why does it have to be all sexual

  • ana

    for a moment I thought was a new sex video LOL I am so tired of this woman and her annoying voice! aaggghhh

  • Noah

    Her boyfriend in the commercial has a perspiration problem. They should have gotten the Old Spice guy. [img][/img]