‘SNL’ Gets a Double Dose of Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Justin in NYC
Check out more pics of Bieber in Gotham.
Justin Bieber’s week-long publicity sprint through New York City culminated in what’s likely the biggest platform one could have in the city that never sleeps: An appearance on Saturday Night Live.

But, the Biebs doesn’t do anything half-throttle, so he didn’t make just one guest cameo on SNL, he was in two mightily funny sketches. In one skit, he wooed The Church Lady (played by the show’s host Dana Carvey), causing her religious values to sway as she couldn’t help herself from desiring “some of that sweet Bieber.” They even brought back the frosted Bieber-is-so-dreamy camera filter to accentuate his adorableness.

Watch that clip, plus Biebs’ little digital short with Andy Samberg after the jump!

Just after the Church Chat skit, a digital short mocking the new Minka Kelly-Leighton Meester effort The Roommate aired, with Bieber moving into a dorm room with a ridiculously crazed Samberg (who was credited as Sir Ben Kingsley in the skit). Here it is:

Bieber has been on a publicity tear in New York in support of his upcoming 3D biopic Never Say Never, which opens up nationwide on February 11.