Justin Bieber Thrills in New ‘Never Say Never’ Clip (VIDEO)

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Brace yourselves, true Beliebers, because Justin Bieber is about to provide you with four minutes and twenty seconds of pure, unadulterated bliss.

A new clip for Bieber’s upcoming cinematic epic Never Say Never has been unleashed upon the world, and it pretty much has everything you could hope for: Vintage footage of Baby Biebs drumming, swimming and just being overall adorable. Bieber clowning around with Jaden Smith. Bieber thrilling the masses with his incendiary live show. It’s a virtual Bieber-palooza.

Check out the awesome new Never Say Never clip after the jump.

Never Say Never hits theaters with all the momentum of a runaway freight train on February 11. Will you be there? Let us know in the comments section.