Katy Perry's Cleavage-Filled Perfume Debut (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry sure knows how to get eyes away from the Super Bowl and onto herself, as the busty crooner left little to the imagination with a remarkably revealing dress that she donned while unveiling her new perfume in Mexico City on Sunday.

Perry, who was in Mexico promoting her new perfume Purr Katy Perry, sported an eye-popping purple dress that had her famous assets on full display.

Perfumes and bustlines aside, Perry is set to make a big TV splash on Monday night when she guest stars on CBS' How I Met Your Mother. The show has become a hotbed for pop star cameos, as both Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood have graced the sound stage in the past. Watch a clip of Katy below!



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  • words of wisdom
    words of wisdom

    why does she bother wearing anything i wonder? its cleary for attention. im sure being naked would get her all the attention she wants....talentless hack. 15 mins of fame waaaay overdue.

  • francisco gregorio medina rodriguez
    francisco gregorio medina rodriguez

    i like

  • Anne

    Thank goodness for double sided tape. Katie that dress is hideous, both in color and style. You could have wore something much prettier and sexier. Sexy does not mean that you have to flaunt so much skin. You are a beautiful young woman but show a little class by dressing with more sophitiation. You need a stylist that will curb your tndency to wear outfits that are better suited to a hooker.

  • Rach


  • noah

    I'm in love.