Kendall Jenner Meets Fans at The Grove

The always-stunning Kendall Jenner was spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles at Pac Sun signing for Malibu Native Clothing, and if it wasn't obvious already that good looks run in the family, it should now be blatantly clear.

The 15-year-old teen model no doubt sent fans into a frenzy with her appearance.Kendall, who's on her way to taking the modeling world by storm, rocked a casual grey tank-top and dark jeans, proving she doesn't need to go overboard to look amazing.

Click through to check out more of Kendall's glamorous day at The Grove.



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  • Anne

    Kendall looks like Angie Harmon!

  • anon

    There's no cure for acne. Whenever she finds a treatment for that, she'll be richer than her whole family. I'm waiting to know what ends up working for her

  • maria

    I completely understanding im about her age. And honeslt y kykie drun WATER, Its helped m eout a ton

  • Janie

    Hey, I personally know better than anyone how troubling acne can be. NOTHING will get rid of it, only time. I've had doctors after doctors tell me that over and over again. It's obvious that people can see this girls true beauty and give her a chance....HELLO, she's a model for God's sake. Btw... Proactiv is a waste of time and money.

  • ashley kidman
    ashley kidman

    you should find a good dermatologist with all the money you have... it is a waste.

  • danaaaaaaaaaaa

    she is still gorgeous. stuff the haters shes a teenager of course she is going to go through problems like acne WHO CARES? rememeber she is only 15 not 21

  • You seem like a jerk.
    You seem like a jerk.

    Wow... You're cool. I bet you'd be SO nice to her if you met her in person though... I don't understand how that even got +2 -___- People nowadays.

  • Chocolate

    She is pretty but she has lots of acnesss....EWWWWWWWWWW...she is soo face has no acne at all because i useee...opppsss i dont want to say the brand that madee my face so soft like a babyssss faceeee...I love my faceee

  • Lama Mama Cherry Berry 6
    Lama Mama Cherry Berry 6

    I think she's pretty and i agree they cake on too much makeup. I think she shouldn't wear any at all and see what she loooks like.

  • Danika Marsheino
    Danika Marsheino

    Her face is f@#%ed up in this picture. They cake on too much makeup...

  • Mamichula Nayton
    Mamichula Nayton

    First off, kendall's skin isn't that bad. If you see it in person it is just a couple of bumps that EVERYONE gets if yall are forgetting she is only 15!!!!!! So she is going to get acne. And you all don't even know her , so lay off.

  • shaz

    grow up, if anything youse are jealous. shes stunning!

  • UGH.

    STOP INSULTING HER. It's hardly even noticeable and you're all acting like she has boils on her face or something. Everyone has flaws and you're acting like you're absolutely perfect when you say things like "Get some proactive". Get over yourselves.

  • Be Quiet!
    Be Quiet!

    Everyone needs to stop insulting Kendall. How do you think she feels, being on TV and in the spotlight with acne? It's embarrassing enough for any teen when they have even the slightest pimple. I know it's embarrassing for me when I get zits, and I'll be the first to admit that I get a pimple every once in a while. So whether you people insulting her decide to admit it, too, I know your skin is never perfect. Kendall's doesn't even look that bad! She's still a beautiful girl no matter what, just leave her alone.

  • Arielbby

    Proactive probably doesn't work for her skin. She's still very pretty , and it will go away eventually :)

  • Moreniike Ajayii
    Moreniike Ajayii

    whats wrong with her face?,shes got rashes everywhere :L

  • Emma

    HELLO KENDALL AND KYLIE!!!! my question for you girls is: what's you favorite series? and do you think Ian Somerhalder is hot? love you soooo much!!! <3<3

  • Ben

    Just a typical teen problem..She's a gorgeous girl! Wonderful hair, EYES, lips. I think she's just FINE!

  • jblover1

    Shes so pretty NoHomo But her skin looks awfull she shouldnt wear to muuch make up. No Offence

  • robert

    got the hieght from khloe! =] diggn it!

  • jordan

    everyone breaks out! but i can barely even see it

  • jordan

    your right! and she is gorgeous anyway!

  • mimi

    she looks a lot like khloe.

  • big bad d
    big bad d

    God, this poor chick is like 15. Be nice people. Everyone has acne at that age. I know I did. She is very pretty and will grow up to be smoking hot. Mark my words.

  • biljana

    ooo,she look s so good!

  • Mike James
    Mike James

    ik right!!

  • Rosie

    Helloooooo people she is a teenager, it's not like you have never broken out, damn!!!!!

  • beingreal

    Yeah....doesn't look good at all. They need to take off all that makeup and make her skin breath!

  • beingreal

    One word: Proactive!!!

  • dafish11

    awhh i feel bad for her with her skin its prob all that makeup she has to put on

  • Quel

    shes a teenager! give her a break, damn!!

  • JustMe

    omg give this girl some proactive!!

  • Glo

    With all her parents money and they still can't find this girl a good dermatologist.

  • Sarah DeLeon
    Sarah DeLeon

    I swear, this family has way too much good genetics! It's not fair!

  • Nicole.10



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