Kim Kardashian Freezes From Prince's Awesomeness (PHOTOS)

Kim's Super Bowl Ad
Kim Kardshian Super Bowl Commercial
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Normally, Kim Kardashian makes others stop dead in their tracks thanks to her beauty. On Monday, however, the roles were reversed, as guitar god Prince caused Kim K. to freeze up like an icicle.

Kim took to Twitter to share the moment with the world. In the photo, she's seen on stage with the legend, writing to her fans:

OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!
Never one to leave a job unfinished, Kim got a second opportunity to share the stage, and took full advantage of it. She tweeted: "Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!" There's even video of the first encounter... check it out here!

Kim's big celeb meeting comes just a day after she shocked the world with her steamy Super Bowl commercial for Skechers Shape-Ups. In the ad, a sweaty, post-workout Kim seductively tells her trainer she's moved on to ... well, just watch it for yourself:



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  • Dan

    who gives a twit about anything kim ore her sisters.i remember when she was hanging on paris hiltons stockings.what a way to get known,if thats what you want to call it.Prince i thought you had better taste, I guess U R getting old 2. I did dig your concert when it was in town. You still got it. A fan.

  • fahiima

    WOW kim is soo hot including her family.i watch keeping up with the Kardashians all the time!!!

  • twinklemepink06

    those body shapers aren't helping you out in this pic, Kim.