Olivia Wilde and Husband Split

Olivia Wilde Tao Ruspoli Split

While Olivia Wilde's career has never been better, the same can't be said for her eight year marriage to Tao Ruspoli.

The 26-year-old Tron: Legacy actress' rep confirmed the split, but a source told People:

They have been living apart after trying for quite some time to make their relationship work.
The two married on a school bus when Olivia was only 18 and her soon-to-be-ex's family owns Rome's Palazzo Ruspoli, which made Olivia Italian royalty.

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  • Adriana

    lol... I think you might need to be a hollywood star though... The image is a good one though!

  • Adriana

    You could well be right there, it now appears that she is 'in love' with Ryan Gosling and have been spotted together several times, a friend of hers used that term ('in love') in a tweet to her on her page. Plus if you look at the pictures at the after party of the G/Globes (nearly 3 weeks before the announcement of the split)... the pictures show a women smitten, it's her life but she will learn about hollywood's short lived relationships soon enough. I used to look up to her such alot as well... such a shame really! Oh well... It's a bit of a non story i think now though as few people seem interested in it all, publicity stunt? humm possibly, Hollywood!!!

  • Johnnyboy

    At last! Now she's free to be with me. I mean, I'm pretty sure that her marriage was the only thing standing between her and blissful union with Internet Stalker #8355J. We're going to be so happy together.

  • AA

    What I find funny PH is that women cry about being treated as equals but then they automatically place the blame on men if something goes wrong or if they feel like they are treated unfairly. If you want women to be treated equally, then you must also be open to the idea that Olivia could have been the reason for the divorce and for a multitude of reasons (including cheating).

  • AnotherOne

    Absolutely right!! And of course to mention the fact that she got married at 18. I mean come on. Barely old enough to walk on her own let alone get married! I don't know what gets into people these days...

  • EnoughAlready

    Kinda jumping to conclusions eh PH? How do you know that is the reason? Do you know them personally? Are you and Olivia bff's? Must be nice to have YOUR ego. I mean to be able to read into things like this without really knowing anything? Wow!

  • cr

    It must also be tiring going through life with such unwarranted self-importance. Now get back to the kitchen and make me a sammich.

  • ph

    Aw, I sorta liked the couple. Oh well. Isn't it funny how men can't handle strong and successful women? The moment anyone calls them Mr. Olivia Wilde [or the like], they bail. It must be so tiring going through life with such a huge yet incredibly fragile egos...