The Smith Family at 'Never Say Never' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Willow Smith: Teen Vogue
Willow Smith in Teen Vogue
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'Never Say Never' Clip
Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never
A sneak peek at Justin Bieber's cinematic epic. Read More »

For the Smiths, the Tuesday night premiere of Justin Bieber's Never Say Never was a family affair.

Will Smith, along with wife Jada Pinkett Smith and kids Jaden and Willow, hit the purple carpet and were easily the most stylish fam there.

While Jaden's parents are huge stars, it was his big night, as The Karate Kid star collaborated with the Biebs on the song that the movie is named after.

Check out the rest of the pics in the gallery and check out the "Never Say Never" video, after the jump!

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  • TenYrOldInTheWrongPlace

    How come Trey isn't famous is he adopted or something

  • maaryfaairy

    AMEN^ !!

  • maaryfaairy

    stop hating on what you dont have!

  • Kat La CariƱosa
    Kat La CariƱosa

    Nice Family .. The lil ones are cute ! ;D

  • lou

    I hope and pray that this family will stay together. Jada and Will -- till death do you part!

  • Proud Black Woman
    Proud Black Woman

    Sue please sounds like a jealous cracker lady to me. You can't be black talking that way. Whos your hero Oprah? She isnt black she caters to the whites. Will is a real black man with a real black family (rich and proud). Respect that man and his family. Wheres your kids? Probably living in a trailor park with you while black people keep moving up in the world. Loooooser.....

  • Proud Black Woman
    Proud Black Woman

    What do you do for a living looser? Better yet are your kids on Tv doing something positive?

  • Proud Black Woman
    Proud Black Woman

    Haters on here. Hate to see a successful black family. There teaching there kids to make something of themselves. African American are becoming more and more successful, and it seems that white people are not happy oh well!!!

  • jblover1

    their so cutee. they have the same face(:

  • Moka

    Willow looks absolutely beautiful here. Jaden looks quite adult but he is cute.

  • Sue

    Can't stand the parents and the kids are a carbon copy strutting around like if they are mega stars. Will Smith has not had a hit in or song.

  • Marcus

    What an absolute DoucheBag of a family. Tell me Celebuzz crew, what were you promised for posting so many pictures of these fleshPods?

  • Mae Domingo
    Mae Domingo

    they are both cute:)

  • iyanna

    hey justin you know you are the best.all you need to do is to believe in God and every thing shall be alright.

  • Anne

    where is DEMI LOVATO ?