'Twilight' Director Accuses Hollywood of Sexism

Catherine Hardwicke with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke may have directed one of the biggest films of the past three years but that doesn't mean that she is landing every film she sets her sights on.

The 55-year-old director told TheWrap that she was passed over for directing The Fighter because she wasn't a man.

"I couldn't get an interview even though my last movie made $400 million," she told TheWrap. "I was told it had to be directed by a man -- am I crazy? It's about action, it's about boxing, so a man has to direct it ... but they'll let a man direct Sex in the City or any girly movie you've ever heard of."

Sex and the City was directed by series co-creator Michael Patrick King.

Catherine went on the claim that many female directors, producers, writers and editors get passed over for jobs in Hollywood because of their gender. However, Catherine does admit that she liked what Fighter director David O. Russell did with the Oscar-nominated film.

While Twilight has its fair share of action sequences, it is by and large a female-oriented film. Check out Catherine's directorial chops in the Twilight trailer below.

Catherine isn't the only person connected to Twilight who is an open feminist. Kristen Stewart has hinted at feminist leanings in past interviews and said she took on the role of Joan Jett in The Runaways because it was "an incredibly triumphant feminist story." However, KStew has not (yet) publicly accused Hollywood of sexism like her former director.

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  • Cath

    Thank you! Yes sexism is prevalent in Hollywood. And Twilight is an example of fully fledge misogyny.

  • Kopns

    She's a terrible director. How much money her movie made, doesn't make her worthy of directing a good script. If she had directed The FIghter, it would have been critically panned. The reason Twilight is so successful, is not because it's a well directed film, but due to it's subject matter and that it's based on an already successful book series. Also, if she was selected to direct a film that could "only be directed by" a woman, I doubt she'd be complaining of sexism. I'm sure it goes the other way on occasion.

  • lully

    she is so right. honestly i think if she would directed the whole twilight series i can tell that they would be really awesome.. i mean the all are great already but in twilight we could see some things that exactly were in the book.. what i say is that she went through all little details like edward's crooked smile or edwards hairstyle or rosalie's pefectness and et centra..( women are sensitive about these little details) but i could not see these details in the newmoon or eclipse

  • Musicfan

    Celebuzz ate my comment but you pretty much said it all:)

  • Lu

    I agree with her that sexism toward women directors needs to change. If journalists really told her that, then she has every reason to be angry. But let's be honest: she made Twilight, one of the most sexist films to come out in years based on one of the most sexist books to come out in years. If she cared about misogyny so much, why did she make that film? I think that she's a better director than that- she can do good films, but I somehow question if she was actually told, "But you're not a man!"