Ashlee Simpson Files for Divorce!

Ashlee and Pete: Through the Years
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz - A Timeline

Another one bites the dust. Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce from her Fall Out Boy husband, 31-year-old Pete Wentz.

TMZ reports the 26-year-old mother of Bronx Mowgli Wentz filed divorce papers today in an L.A. County Superior Court. The documents say she has asked the judge for join custody of 2-year-old Bronx, and cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

The couple were married in May of 2008 and reportedly did not have a prenup. They have a son, Bronx Mowgli, who was born in November 2008.

Just days ago on February 4, the two were spotted looking happy as they were out and about making a coffee run.

Simpson recently spoke with People just before the holidays, discussing their family's plans. She said of Bronx's Christmas:

"He just had his birthday, and he got a lot of gifts," the 26-year-old singer tells People. "He'll still have a great Christmas, and he's really into Thomas the Train, but we have enough Thomas, so we do not need that this year! ... For my husband and I, it's nice to start those traditions now."
The couple released a statement, saying, "After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son Bronx, whose happiness and well-being remains our number one priority. We ask that everyone honor our privacy as we navigate this next phase of our lives."


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  • sophie1986

    Call me.

  • Gosh Oh Mighty
    Gosh Oh Mighty

    Two of the biggest lameoids! I get confused every time I see that Pete guy... is he a mutant or something cause nobody can be that ugly?

  • Drew Shelstad
    Drew Shelstad

    Why bother getting married anymore it doesn't seem to mean anything like it used to. Seriously people get married & divorced 2-3 times before they hit 30! What's with so many women having 2 to 3 kids all w/different fathers? Do people just forget about all the different types of birth control or are they just so just into the moment they don't think about the consequences? Pathetic. The divorce rate is something like 60% among normal people I bet it's something like 80% among celebrities. In fact that's probably too low. Say what you will, but @ least Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer") are still married. If they blow it, then we're all screwed. Maybe someday the word MARRIAGE will actually mean what it used to mean. You know in one of these states you have to go through something like 2 years of pre-marriage counseling before you're allowed to get divorced & they make it another 2+ years if you want to get divorced. Plus you can't site the de-facto "Irreconcilable differences" BS either. You have to put an ACTUAL ANSWER! Well it's a shame but nothing is surprising as far as relationships anymore which is a real shame.

  • Ashley

    Pete wentz is a small ass poser.

  • mariana rosa rivas
    mariana rosa rivas

    how can anyone woman be atracted to tatoos he was full of them i jsut cannot be with a man woo desicraates his bodys the way i came into the world is the way im leaving no plastic surgeries nothing no piercing..thats each its own ...i saw it coming

  • Ala

    They lasted way longer than I thought they would. You can bet your sweet ass Ashlee must be banging her head against the wall for naming her son Bronx Mowgli

  • VB

    Guess the matching hair styles didn't work.

  • tigertaint

    hey hey, Ashlee was hors-faced too before her plastic surgery.

  • imani 812
    imani 812

    wow why would they file for divorced they were such a cute couple two rockers rocking out wow. I'm defantly surprised. I did not even know that they were married well up until now i just thought that they were going out wow o my

  • Michelle

    Yeah, I'm honestly not surprised when anyone gets divorced anymore seeing as it has become so common.

  • babooda

    Wow...this lasted 2 years and 8 months longer than expected. Most observers at the time they married gave it a month tops before the divorce!

  • Strega

    OMG...It's about friggin time. Never saw what the attraction to that horse face Wentz was anyway. Now perhaps she can change the baby's god awful name to something that won't require daily beat downs at pre-school.

  • noah

    I normally shy away from women who have children in my dating life but I will make an exception for Ashlee.