Lindsay Lohan Taken Into Custody Over Felony Theft Charge (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles today to hear her arraignment after the LA District Attorney  formally charged the actress with felony grand theft after she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles-area boutique.

Dressed in a skin-tight white dress and heels, the 24-year-old actress looked more like she was ready to walk the red carpet then stand before a judge.

Lindsay plead "not guilty" to the felony grand theft charges but was strongly chided by Judge Keith Schwartz who told the starlet "don't push your luck."

Lindsay's bail was set at $20,000 and the celeb was taken into custody. Once in custody, Lindsay will be handcuffed, booked and photographed for police records. Lindsay will remain in jail until she posts bail.

The drama all started on January 22 when Lindsay allegedly walked out of Kamofie & Company, a Venice jewelry store, with a $2,500 necklace. Lindsay was caught on surveillance tape trying on the necklace and leaving the store with her group of friends.

Lindsay claims that she is not guilty of the felony grand theft charges. The 24-year-old actress alleges that she was loaned the necklace by the storeowner for publicity purposes. The Mean Girls actress has since returned the necklace to the store but the charges still stand.

This isn't Lindsay's first brush with the law: On January 3 she was released from the Betty Ford Clinic after spending over 90 days in court-ordered inpatient rehab following a probation violation.

Lindsay is currently serving out probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest. Lindsay has previously served 84 minutes in jail for felony cocaine possession (in 2007) and 14 days in jail for violating her parole (in August of 2010). Lindsay failed a drug test in September but was ordered to attend the Betty Ford Clinic in lieu of jail time.

Lindsay has been previously accused of stealing a $12,000 mink coat from a night club in New York in 2008 and pocketing a $35,00 Rolex watch from a friend last year. The actress was never formally charged for these alleged thefts but the reports allegedly played a role in the DA's decision to charge Lindsay with felony grand theft on Tuesday.

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  • countryman

    Elected? Who elected KK? Someone must be spendin' the green, if u know what i mean!

  • countryman

    Hold your horses! Don't jump the gun Candice! You probably don't realize the high-finance day-to-day existence of celebrities like LiLo. Merchants on many occasions have likely let her leave stores with lots of stuff $$ on a satisfaction guarantee ... "take it, if you like it, pay me for it, later, if you dont, bring it back." Celebs frequently get that treatment. She assumed wrong...

  • Brian Finch
    Brian Finch

    Status? Status??? Are you serious? Did you just seriously write that... STATUS??? First off, Lindsay Lohan has NO status. In fact, treat me like I'm dumb, but WHAT is status? Is being famous for letting some black guy pee on you in a home movie status? because that's why Kim Kardashian is famous. It seems to me that we need to think twice before electing our new role models in America. Seriously? Status???

  • Candice

    It's appalling to me how much she's gotten away with, status or no status. Throw her ass in jail.