Taylor Momsen’s Lingerie Look at ‘Never Say Never’ Premiere: Yay or Nay?

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Gossip Girl rabble-rouser and Pretty Reckless rocker Taylor Momsen wore quite the eye-catching ensemble to the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never at the Nokia Theater on Tuesday night. Or, rather, it was the lack of an ensemble that had everyone’s heads turning.

Was T-Moms’ minimal, corset-and-stockings get-up a reaction to Los Angeles’ recent unseasonably warm weather? Not really; as the 17-year-old actress/musician—who “designed this corset with a friend”—explained to Us Magazine, it’s just her expressing herself:

“I am who I am, I dress the way I do even if I’m at a Justin Bieber premiere. It’s cool; it’s not for everyone.”

“It’s not for everyone”—truer words were never spoken. But the real question is, how do you feel about Momsen’s racy wardrobe choice? Hit up the comments section and render your verdict: Does Taylor’s outfit earn a yay or nay?