Ashlee Simpson’s Age Likely Behind Divorce, Expert Says

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Could Ashlee Simpson’s young age be the reason behind her recent split from husband Pete Wentz? An expert dishes to Celebuzz about the real reasons behind Ashlee and Pete’s surprising split.

“Sources say they just grew apart,” celebrity relationship expert Jessica Radloff tells Celebuzz. “That’s part of the problem with getting married young. We’re constantly changing and evolving, but never more so than when we are in our 20s.” Ashlee, 26, got married to Pete, 31, in 2008. The pair of one child together– 2-year-old Bronx.

“I personally believe that most couples – Hollywood or not – shouldn’t get married until they are at least in their late 20s or early 30s,” Jessica continued.

Jessica also thinks that Ashlee’s young pregnancy could have put a strain on their relationship.

“It should be mentioned that Ashlee and Pete got married after they discovered she was pregnant with Bronx,” Jessica says. “If there was no pregnancy, would they have gotten married? That could be the answer right there. They probably had a great thing going when they were dating, but if there was no child involved, would they have gotten married on their own anyway, or did they try extra hard to make it work because of their newborn child? If they went with the latter, then it’s no surprise. “

As for the lovey-dovey tweets that Ashlee and Pete exchanged a few weeks before their announced split, Jessica thinks they were put there to throw everyone off the couple’s scent.

“The tweets almost sound pre-planned a bit,” explains Jessica. “Celebrities will never put information out on Twitter that they don’t want the whole world to know or believe. Twitter is the best way for celebrities to control what is said about them.”

“I think they knew very well at the time that things were not going in the right direction and [the tweets] were a way of almost softening the blow of their upcoming split announcement to show fans, the media, their colleagues, etc. that their divorce is amicable and they’ll do the right thing for Bronx,” says Jessica. “It was their way of controlling their image during a very out-of-control time.”

Ultimately, Jessica thinks that the strain of Hollywood could be the major reason for the young couple’s split.

“It is nearly impossible to work in the entertainment industry, raise a healthy child, and have a strong relationship all at the same time,” explains Jessica. “Something is going to give eventually.”

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