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Valentine's Day doesn’t have to suck! Not only is Bachelor Pad hottie David Good tossing tips for a sensational day of lovin' -- he's also offering a lucky Celebuzz-er (that’s you!) a chance to get a free signed copy of his book, The Man Code.

Ladies, you’re in luck! David reveals that most guys just want something simple,

Get your guy a card and his favorite bottle of scotch or alcohol, easy, just like the ideal Valentine’s date!"
If you’re flying solo, fear not. The holiday doesn't have to leave anyone out in the rain holding a sad, wilting rose. “Valentine’s Day does not have to suck just because you are single," David says. "There are thousands of things you can do to celebrate without a special someone."

Remember that your Valentine doesn’t have to include romantic entanglements. Love is grand! Whether your neighbor, the mailperson or a stray cat, "The fact you are doing something for someone else and knowing you are making their day is enough to take your mind off the fact you are single on a couples holiday," David says. "Seeing how much they appreciate your thoughtfulness should make you feel really good inside."

David suggests looking no farther than your own family. "A date night out with his daughter would mean the world to [your dad]," David notes. "Make it official. Have him pick you up and have dinner reservations set.  Get him a card with a personal note inside expressing your thoughts and feelings about him.  The older I get the more I realize just how much these things mean to parents."

If you have a group of single friends, he suggests getting everybody together to hit the town. Not only will it take the sting out of the holiday, think of all the other lonely hearts on the prowl. "The odds of meeting a single person are much greater on this weekend," David says.

David dishes out advice on the regular to fans across the U.S. as he's currently on tour promoting his book. Chat him up on Twitter (@DavidLGood) and befriend him on Facebook to get up close and personal with this man’s man.

Enter the Celebuzz book giveaway and make this Valentine's Day full of win! Tell us your favorite Valentine memory in the comments and one user will be chosen to receive a free copy of David's debut book.

But enter quick! This contest ends on Valentine's Day.

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  • Andrea R.
    Andrea R.

    Bah humbug!....Oh wait wrong holiday! Im perfectly happy being Valentineless! being single is waaaaay more fun!

  • Bob Murphy
    Bob Murphy

    My puppy is my Valentine. There is nothing better than unconditional love

  • Dana Brown
    Dana Brown

    My best Valentine's memory was the year I had first moved out on my own. All my life, Snoopy has been my absolute favorite. So Valentine's day there was a knock on my door. I opened it, and there was a huge 4 ft plush Snoopy with my daddy standing behind it. Even though I was now officially an adult, I was still my daddy's little girl and he always gave me a valentine's gift!!