Grammy Nominees: Before They Were Stars (PHOTOS)

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With the Grammys coming up this weekend, everyone’s speculating which current music star has the best shot at taking home a trophy. They’re all at the top of their game right now, but what were they like way back when?

In the spirit of good fun, allow Celebuzz to take you back in time, before Stefani Germanotta was Lady Gaga, before Calvin Broadus was Snoop Dogg, and before Adam Lambert was, well, Adam Lambert. We’ve compiled yearbook photos of many of today’s biggest stars — and current Grammy nominees — so that you could see they weren’t always rock stars, heroes or idols. In fact, some of them were just as goofy as we all looked when we were 15!

So, enjoy the journey through pop star teen awkwardness, and remember to check back with Celebuzz on Sunday for our ridiculously awesome Grammys coverage.

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