Exclusive: Jen Aniston's Rep Slams Heidi Montag Ban Report


Despite reports that Jennifer Aniston "banned" Heidi Montag from the Just Go With It premiere earlier this week, Celebuzz has exclusively received word from Jen's reps that the reports are "completely false."
"We do not have anything to do with who gets invited, but besides that, Sony did invite Heidi to the premiere and did not get an rsvp from her."
The infamous reality star, who has a cameo in the upcoming film, told Us Weekly that Aniston banned her from the film's Tuesday premiere for being too "polarizing."

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  • Bree

    ??????? Wow. No1 spells rite in the web world, Krazy. Its called short form... or are you 2 stoopid 2 git it????

  • Lil'Renegade

    I think it must be true- after all, how would Heidi even be able to recite the word "polarizing", unless she heard it somewhere else. I'm still wondering if she knows the definition....

  • inquisitor

    what means polarizing?

  • muffee

    you're, i.e., you are so angry, so judgmental, so critical. who made you all-knowing, all-seeing director of the earth? i am so so happy i don't know you. critical people are so draining. and yes! i am criticizing YOU. does that mean i can be draining, too? oh my!

  • Pat

    That you, Spencer?

  • Teresa

    Grace- It's YOU'RE stupid - not YOUR stupid. Or you can write YOU ARE stupid. Before you call someone stupid you should probably learn how to spell.

  • Jesus

    They both suck, and it's pathetic that Americans are entertained by these jokes.

  • commenter

    I feel so sad for Heidi. This is her first cameo. She probably worked especially hard to look good and be toned in time for January for "Just Go With It" to come out, and she wasn't even invited to any of the events. How sad and heartbreaking for her. That must be so hard. Heidi has put up a good front. It's still very mean, whatever the reason. I was looking forward to January to seeing Heidi's photos from various functions connected to the opening of this movie. So heartbreaking for Heidi.

  • Hawk

    Heidi, didn't you also claim you're going to be on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills next season?

  • Nicole

    I don't care if she did or did not ban Heidi, but for sure I can tell I would do that. Heidi is quiet stupid and with all those awful plastic surgeries (I'm not saying I'm against plastic surgeries, but if it looks like that - I mean like Heidi - I do) I would not like to have someone like her next to me while my movie is realising out to the world. And not because she would like steal my spotight. i mean, comme on, she might be stealing some spotlight just because of her uglyness.

  • Crystal Bell
    Crystal Bell

    This movie must be pretty bad if Montag is being used to drum up publicity!!! If thats not the case, this girl has to be the stupidest person in the business. I doubt Aniston could give a wet fart about Heidi or how "upset" she is...PFFT!!!

  • Grace

    Heidi your stupid...you get more stupid as each day passes...you had a cameo...you are not a star...and don't compare the difficulties of making it in Hollywood to Jenn. She is talented and comes from talent. You have no business being anywhere but on a stripper pole.

  • noah

    Aniston is clearly jealous of Heidi's intelligence.