Joe Jonas: New Album Won't Be a 'Cheesy Pop Record'

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Jonas Brothers fans will be in for a big surprise when they get their hands on Joe Jonas' upcoming solo record.

"It's not just a cheesy pop record," Joe, 21, tells Entertainment Weekly (via Cambio) about his upcoming album. "The dance element is where my heart is."

Joe then gave the reporter a sneak preview of a new song called "Not Right Now" which the writer described as sounding "absolutely nothing like the Jonas Brothers." That new sound is intentional, says Jonas, who claims that he wants to appeal to JoBros fans who may have matured past their rock-pop sound.

"I put the responsibility on myself to try to grab their ears again," Joe tells the magazine. Well, we certainly can't wait to hear it!

For comparison's sake, check out Joe singing with the JoBros in their 2007 "SOS" music video below.

Joe has been working on his solo album at Los Angeles' Chalice Studios with frequent Britney Spears collaborator Danja, which might explain the club influence on Joe's new tracks.

Are you looking forward to Joe's new album? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Djonas

    Show those other celeb wat u r made of

  • Djonas

    Joe those other stars what u r made of

  • ultimatejobrosfan

    Of course his solo album isn't going to be 'cheesy,' he got talent and wisdom.

  • ultimatejobrosfan

    Considering your comment/put down, you are definetey not any better than those heart throbs.

  • Ruby

    The Jonas boys are pathetic. They're ugly and ridiculous.They should be emabarassed by their music.