David Letterman Ponders If Snooki Is an Alcoholic (VIDEO)

David Letterman has made a reputation for prodding his guests in an uncomfortable way. Who can forget when he unleashed his vengeance on Spencer Pratt a few years back? Well, while this time around wasn’t as vicious, Letterman had his sights set on Jersey Shore binge queen Snooki, and the possibility of her being an alcoholic came up in the discussion.

During the interview, Letterman at first skated around the actual words. “Do you think you have a little, uh … Do you think maybe you need to abstain? Do you think maybe you have a little thing?” Letterman asked, motioning his thumb to his mouth to reference drinking. Snooki chimed in quickly, saying “I definitely don’t think I have a problem. When we’re not filming, I hardly go out” she tells Letterman.

Watch a clip after the jump!

When I was drinking and people would always send me a brochure from Alcoholics Anonymous, they would have a list of seven things that if you could say yes to any one of these, you might have a drinking problem. Number one was always ‘Do you drink in the morning?’

Snooki protests that “people don’t understand who I really am” because she’s really “just a laid back girl” who enjoys a good night on the couch when she’s not going crazy on camera.

Now, for old time’s sake, enjoy Letterman’s infamous exchange with Spencer Pratt during the height of his Hills infamy.