Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her & Nicole Kidman’s 6-Pack Secrets

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Not everyone can have a body like Jennifer Aniston, unless you’re Nicole Kidman.

In an On-Air interview with Ryan Seacrest, Jen said she felt dwarfed  next to the leggy Aussie actress. “[Nicole’s] like the tallest woman in the world!” she exclaimed. Still, the two share one similar asset — an amazing midsection. Jennifer showed her ab-miration for her fellow fitness fiend, saying, “I walked up to her and said, ‘I’m sorry but can I touch it? I have to touch it. Is that spray-painted, what is that?!?'” To stay in shape during filming, the Just Go With It co-stars also shared some sweat with buddy workouts!

For the most part, there’s one exercise that still trumps all others. “Sit-ups,” Jennifer replies when Ryan asks her secret to success. “Just regular old sit-ups.” There’s another key element to her sleek figure, which includes the buddy system.

Jennifer revealed that she and Nicole also worked out together doing yoga. “That’s all core,” she added. “We did yoga a couple times out there in Maui. We planked it together.”

Just Go With It comes out today — a date special to Jennifer because it’s her birthday! Her wish this year? “I want a pony,” she says girlishly. “No, I don’t know — I don’t want anything. I have an embarrassment of riches. I just want … [to] open a movie.”