‘Jersey Shore’ Stud Vinny Never Had a Valentine (VIDEO)

Glee Does Valentine's Day
Photos from the Valentine's Day episode of 'Glee'!
Vinny Guadagnino is a ladykiller on Jersey Shore, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, he prefers riding solo. In fact, even before he hit the guido lottery, he was always alone on February 14.

As a part of MTV’s new series 10 on Top, Vinny and other celebrities open up about their past experiences on the love-centered holiday. Vinny explains:

I’ve never been a boyfriend type of person because even when I was an awkward dorky high school kid, I always had really high standards. I’d never have a girlfriend just to have one. I never had a Valentine, and I don’t have one this year either.

Why does he give the amorous holiday the hand. Because he’s a rebel, and “anything you have to do, I don’t want to do.” Way to stick to your guns, Vinny.

Watch the video below, and tune into MTV’s 10 on Top this Saturday at 11:30am.