Miley Cyrus to Host 'Saturday Night Live' on March 5

Never content with just making a splash at the Grammys this weekend, Miley Cyrus has yet another big moment coming up: She's hosting Saturday Night Live!

People is reporting that Cyrus will host SNL on March 5, putting her improv and comedic skills to the test. Now the real question is, will she go head-to-head with Vanessa Bayer on The Miley Cyrus Show, the recurring skit that mocks Miley and her dad Billy Ray?

Watch a clip after the jump!

Miley won't be the musical guest that night, so she'll have more time to focus on her punchline delivery in the coming weeks.

In the photos above, Miley is seen heading out to dinner with her younger brother Braison on February 10. This weekend, Miley is set to present at the Grammy Awards.


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  • julia

    i like how you dress

  • frea

    miley comes across as always trying too hard. its like girlfriend, stop being someone who you are not. you think that wearing scrag clothing and getting nasty tatoos which are disgusting freak marks make you cool. you aint cool at all. get some class and some style instead of wearing your matted weave in a bun on top of your head, and get some new clothes other than your regular baggy singlets and studded tights.

  • Silvana Zilevska
    Silvana Zilevska

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee her a lotttttttttt :D :D :D i want to come in macedonia- in Ohrid when i live

  • Andreea Diana
    Andreea Diana

    I love her.

  • Anne

    his hair is just funny looking thats all . if he cut it he will look very good looking .

  • b

    is it me or is braison getting uglier .. he was a cute kid what happened :( no hate for cyrus family

  • danielle

    hey miley


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